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  1. Opening 1.) Off drill deck. Listen for 2 stomps and then 1st squad does ripple, etc… Sequence goes: stomp, stomp, port, (grab) toe, spin, (grab) UHG, spin, order. 1st squad goes after Cmdr stomps twice, 2nd squad goes after 1st squad stomps twice, etc. 2.) Afterwards, Commander rifle stomps. All right face and go to RSA Judge

  2. Transition to start 1. Green forward march. Oblique on 2 and halt facing forward on 5,6. 2. All forward after 5,6. counts restart Judge Red stay at a halt

  3. Candle-stick ripple While marching, slap small-of-stock w/ left hand on all even counts. When you halt, pop out, candle-stick toss, back behind ur head, spin while going to knee (barrel down) Ripple halt: 7,8 10,11 13,14 16,17 19,20 22,23 Judge

  4. To Pyramid Commander stomps twice. All respond: slap, roll-over, slam, port arms Black Mark Times Yellow t-t-r and t-t-r again on 9,10. Mark time Red forwards, column rights on 3, halts on 7,8. Then he left faces on 9,10 and then mark times Green steps off into a left oblique, forwards on 3, halts on mark time on 7 (or so)

  5. Present Arms All halt on count 15,16. Port spin, return spin while doing a right face, punch and drive on final count.

  6. After “aye aye sir” all do order. (slap, spin, slam) Then right face. Green step over to the right and then left flank on 2 and mark time on 9ish Blue mark time Red forward and mark time on 5ish Yellow forward and mark time @ 6ish All do 6 ct right turn on 25, halt on 33,34. Then: slap, spin, slap, RSA (2-ct)

  7. Once together, forward, right flank (19), right flank (31), while doing rifle movements Starting @ 1: Drop, push-spin, grab, slap, port, slap (small-of-stock), grab UHG, push, slam, port, grab (sos), slap, turn, LSA, cut, push, slap, grab (middle), Right FLANK (19), At 21: Grab (invert), flip (perp to deck, upside down), lay flat, spin (perp to deck, normal), slap, port, grab (sos) Right FLANK on 31

  8. Transition to Ripples Mark time @ 37,38. All oblique on 41. Go to spot, and mk time. Halt on 55,56.

  9. Ripples After halt: 2 steps forward (together on 3) and 3 ct spinning order Then: Combat Ripples 1. From left: stab 2. From right: bash 3. From left: dip 4. From right: slash 5. From left: dip 6. From right: up 7. From left: speed ripple slam

  10. Transition to Split Commander goes to RSA and gives heel click: Green goes out and pivots in on 4. halts on 7,8 All face on 9,10

  11. Element Tosses On ct 1: Blue: grabs, slams, switches hands, cuts (prepares to catch) On ct 2: Red: grabs, slams, pushes, tosses (bringing hand to shoulder)

  12. Split and Toss * Asterisk cadet drops rifle back on 9 Outside squads to 3 ct pivots on ct 11 and then flank inboard on 21, and then forward on 23 Middle squad t-t-r on 15 and squad leader tosses on 19. half step on 22&23

  13. Transition to Clover All halt on 33,34. Yellow faces left on 35,36, moves to spot All face center on 41,42

  14. Beat and Stab Cmdr slaps twice: Yellow begins 8 ct beat: (stomp, stomp, up [on right side], push, rollover [2 cts], push out, trail, repeat) Green begins with: (stomp, stomp, port, grab toe, spin, grab UGH, spin [to side], punch, repeat) On 3rd time green does: (stomp, stomp, port, grab UHG, spin, grab small-o-stock, cock back, stab On 3rd time yellow does: (stomp, stomp, kick, punch, self toss [2 cts], lay on knee while going to knee [left up], slide hand down rifle, salute on 9)

  15. Post Stab Tosses 1 2 2 1 After Commander rifle stomps: Green: cocks back, port, grab UHG, spin to side, punch, slam(6). Then 1’s kick and toss on 1,2 and then 2’s kick and toss on 3,4 Yellow: stands (while grabbing sos inverted. 2 ct), meat grinder, grab, push, slam(6). Then port (1), sos (2), march to spots and halt on 5,6. ALL FACE ON 7,8

  16. Columns of Files Black: immediately step off on 1 Red: Fwd march on 7 Green: t-t-r on 1 and right flank on 7 and again on 9

  17. Snake Self Explanatory. Leader pivots on 4,15,23,27,33,35, and ALL HALT ON 39,40 While marching all alternate IDR style from left to right and back starting on ct 9 and ending @ port on cts 37,38 Then all face across the deck and then: grab, PR Face

  18. Eyes Right When all are at parade rest, commander will give 2 slaps. Platoon responds with: kick, bounce, port, grab sos, grab butt, spin, RSA, cut. Then all forward march. On count 5, royal squad grabs small of stock w/ left hand, lift rifle up, then lay parallel w/ head 45 degrees right. Yellow squad repeats on ct 7 and then sky squad repeats on 9. Then royal squad: flips (ON 11), grab UHG, up (perp), slam, port, grab sos. Yellow squad repeats on 13 and then then sky squad repeats on 15. IDR column left on 22 EX comb-through column left on 32 Judge

  19. Transition to Platoon Ripples Platoon left flanks on 52 and all halt on 61,62. Red open ranks by taking 2 half steps out (either forward or back) Halt 65 All spin order on 66,67,68

  20. Platoon Ripples Commander gives 2 rifles stomps: On ct 1, 1st and 3rd element execute: grab, slam, port, sos, slap, spin, LSA, cut, drop, push (perp invert), hit, grab sos, slap, grab (middle) On ct 2, 2nd and 4th elements execute same manual of arms as above Then on ct 15, elements ripple starting @ left with: Aim, down, grab butt, twist, RSA, cut, lay (along shoulder) All drop on 25, bring to side on 26, roll up to LSA on 27 6 ct order

  21. Platoon Tosses After order: Red squad: kick QHS, lay/kneel, salute (looking up) Yellow squad: switches rifle hands, then cuts Black squad: kicks on 5, releases on 7 and tosses to yellow squad Then: Yellow squad lifts on 11, slams on 12 Red squad comes up while bring rifle up on 13, slams on 14 ALL FACE ON 15,16

  22. Platoon Side Tosses All kick on 1, and release on 3. Sky squads catch on 4, roll back on 5, out on 6, switch hands (rollover) on 7, stop on 8, return spin on 9,10. Yellow squad: switches hands behind back on 5, out on 6, switch hands on 7, stop on 8, return spin on 9,10\ ALL LEFT FACE ON 11,12

  23. Present Present: All dip on 1 Yellow squad spins 2,3, bring to side and torque flip on 4,5, while going down 6. Pop up to salute on 7 Red squad dips at side on 1, spins on 2, switches hands on 3, rolls behind shoulder on 4, pulls to kickfront 5, RSA 6, twist to present 7 Royal squad dips on 1, normal port spin w/ return spin on 4,5, pauses on 6 and punches present on 7 (w/ left hand inverted and forearm parallel to deck)

  24. Exit On “aye aye sir”: Black goes to port, grabs butt, twist, RSA (5), cut (6) Blue grabs low on 1, spins (shile standing) to RSA on 5, cuts on 6 ALL LEFT FACE ON 7,8 and then marches off to commanders commands