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Building your Case: How to Design Compelling Grant Projects PowerPoint Presentation
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Building your Case: How to Design Compelling Grant Projects

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Building your Case: How to Design Compelling Grant Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building your Case: How to Design Compelling Grant Projects. Presented by Angela Richardson, Trainer at The Grantsmanship Center What will we cover?. What makes a project compelling for the OGP grant program? Which Project should I chose ?

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Presentation Transcript
building your case how to design compelling grant projects
Building your Case: How to Design Compelling Grant Projects
  • Presented by Angela Richardson,
  • Trainer at The Grantsmanship Center
what will we cover
What will we cover?
  • What makes a project compelling for the OGP grant program? Which Project should I chose?
  • What are the guidelines really asking me? How do I know?
  • Program budgets vs Organizational budget?
  • Goal: For participants to leave with a OGP narrative skeleton
approaching the guidelines
Approaching the Guidelines
  • How can this grant award be used to leverage your organization? the program?
  • Choose the category that best fits
  • Look at the criteria
approaching the guidelines1
Approaching the Guidelines

Goal: To get

maximum amount

of points

per section!

ogp narrative
OGP Narrative
  • Understand the question and Answer all the questions with appropriate information
    • 9. Organizational Information
    • 10. Project Information
    • 11. Project Budget
question 9 organizational not project information
  • This section is where you Introduce your organization and describe organizational readiness/capacity/excellence and establish credibility
  • What is your mission?
  • Briefly describe RELEVANT history and overview of core program & services. Note significant changes
organizational not project information
  • Planning and Leadership
    • This question provides the reviewers with an understanding of how this two-year grant invests in a future vision for your organization. Leverage!
    • Discuss the relevant decisions/plans about where your organization intends to be in the next two years? Artistically. Administratively. Financially.
    • How will this grant award help with achieving these goals? How is this related to larger Org. Plan?
organizational not project information1
  • Planning and Leadership (cont’d)
    • How have board and staff contributed to the overall planning?
  • Community/Core Audience: Who is your target audience? Use DATA! American Fact Finder provides great information
  • Artistic Policy: This is an Artistic quality question and ask for a description of how your organization supports artists.
exercise organizational information
Exercise:Organizational Information
  • What kind of relevant information can your organization provide in the Organizational Information Section to demonstrate credibility?
  • What are some goals your organization would like to achieve in the next 2 years?
question 10 project information
Question 10: Project Information
  • Describe the Project
  • Explain the category choice
  • Details! Details! Details!
  • Answer all the questions, as appropriate. Reference criteria.
  • Evaluate - how will you know if the project is a success?
project information cont d
Project Information (cont’d)
  • PROJECT OVERVIEW - Describe Major activities of the Project
  • How and Why is this timely for your organization right now?
  • GOALS and Objectives – What is the difference?
  • Demonstrate how the proposed project aligns with OGP project category goals
goals vs objectives what s the difference
Goals vs Objectives – What’s the difference?
  • GOAL: Describes the result or outcome your organization intends to achieve by the END of the grant period. Example: To increase the number of attendees ages 20-25 at the annual summer music festival
  • OBJECTIVE: Describes the steps to achieve your goal. Example: To produce 3 (fall, winter and spring) Friday night “Music in the Courtyard” events with artists targeting young adult audience.
project information cont d1
Project Information (cont’d)
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Who? Participants and Who will implement the project
  • How?: Selection criteria for artists
    • Marketing strategy?
    • New staff?
project information cont d2
Project Information (cont’d)


  • How will you know whether your project is a success?
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative data
  • Demonstrate how the project aligns with project category goals (outcomes) and objectives (process)
  • Is this relevant if your organization is hiring a new staff person?
exercise project information
Exercise:Project Information
  • In 1-2 sentences give an overview of the proposed project
  • Describe 1 Goal of the proposed project
  • Identify 1 Objective to achieve this goal
question 11 project budget
Question 11: Project Budget
  • This is a two-year project request
  • Check and double check your funding request calculation
  • Tip: Plan the budget when as you plan the project to avoid mistakes and omitting important details.
  • Cash Match
  • Income
        • Earned Income: ex: Ticket sales, Sales, rental income
        • Contributed Income: Other grants, Individual donations
  • OGP Grant request
  • Income Explanations
  • Project Expenses
    • Salaries and Fringe benefits: Staff members who are directly involved with project activities
    • Operating Expenses: other project expenses
  • Expense Explanation
exercise project budget
Exercise:Project Budget
  • Brainstorm a list of the things that will cost money for the proposed project.
tips and reminders
Tips and Reminders
  • Review appropriate criteria
  • Establish Organizational credibility
  • Answer all the questions
  • Provide information about how intended project fits into organization’s longer term plan and the appropriate project category
  • Make sure narrative and budget match
  • Take time and care to present EXCELLENT work samples


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