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school attendance structure organization in sekolah ciputra n.
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School Attendance Structure Organization in Sekolah Ciputra PowerPoint Presentation
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School Attendance Structure Organization in Sekolah Ciputra

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School Attendance Structure Organization in Sekolah Ciputra
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School Attendance Structure Organization in Sekolah Ciputra

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  1. School Attendance Structure Organization in SekolahCiputra

  2. What is organization Organization is a tool that people use to achieve their goals and coordination. Organization can both sell service and/or goods.

  3. What is role and responsibility? • Role is the part that members in a organization need to follow. Role is usually decided based on their skills and ability. • Each people have different responsibility because of the roles. If someone did not fulfil his/her responsibility, then the organization will not work well and cannot fulfil the goals.

  4. Vision & Mission of SA Organization • To keep the school environment safe. • To keep students feel safe and comfort in SekolahCiputra • They also keep the students, teachers and staff safe • To keep things of students, teachers and school property safe.

  5. General Property ManagerArkoNarisworo He is the general property manager of SekolahCiputra. He is the one who controls all of the housekeeping, MA and SA. All of the plans and ideas that the small organization plan to do must go through Pak Arko to get the permission.

  6. Administration teamAny Sholikah, Novi Thydi The administration team is like the secretary. They work to help the general manager and all files and plans go to the administration team. They are also the one who are in charge when the manager is not there.

  7. Facilities maintenance The facilities maintenance team helps to make sure that the SA is working well. They are the one who controls the SA team especially the Security coordinator. They control all of the 3 organizations (SA, Housekeeping, MA).

  8. SA coordinatorKamit Kamit is the one who is in charge of the whole SA team. He is the one who controls and see the security in each post. He also the one who creates the schedule where each of the security will be stationed. All of the other security member will need to confirm to Kamit.

  9. SA vice Coordinator Prapto Pak Prapto is the one who helps Kamit to make control the other members of the SA team. Prapto and Kamit often goes around all of the stations to check on what is going on.

  10. SA This is the last layer from the SA team. They are the one who follows Kamit command. They keep all of the students safe. The SA team also follows Kamit commands that where the post will be.

  11. Problems in SA Organization

  12. Robbery If there is a robbery or the school property is broken, then the school attendant will investigate the cause of the robbery and solve the problem. Then the school attendant will report it to the coordinating attendant that will discuss with the general manager to increase the safety and create new rules to make sure that it won’t happen again. Then the plan that the general manager had proposed will be administered by the administration team. The rest of the school attendants need to follow the rules.

  13. Bomb If there is a threat that there is a bomb, the school attendance will report to the coordinating attendant and will discuss possible and effective ways to ensure that no bombs can enter SekolahCiputra. Then the proposed idea needs to get the approval from the manager. If the manager agrees then the school attendant need to follow the new rule.

  14. Traffic Accident When a traffic accident or problem happens, the school attendant need to solve the problem first. Then they need to report the problem by telling it to the coordinator of security. The coordinator will fix the problem by putting more attendance in the stations during the school hours.

  15. Kidnap of Students When a kidnap happened, the attendant need to solve the problem first by searching for the bad guy and tracking out what really happened. Then the coordinator needs to discuss about the problem with the manager to find out possible solutions (improve the strictness of the safety especially to elementary). Than the attendants need to follow the rule so that students will not get kidnapped.

  16. Hoax Call When a parent reports a hoax call, the school attendants need to find out who called and make sure that the students are safe. They then need to report to the coordinator. The coordinator will create a new regulation and ask all security attendants to follow the rule.

  17. Impact of Problem • To the organization: the members of the SA will not be trusted anymore because actually their job is to secure the school but a robber is let through; so some of the officers can be fired. The members will not trust each other and they cannot work together to secure the school. They also can get positive impact, they can get more training from the Official Police so that they can have more experience. • To the society: the parents and students will not trust the security of SekolahCiputra because they are afraid there will be security problem and the parents could not educate their child at sekolahCiputra. The positive impact is that the security members will improve the security because they learn from the incident and they improve the security so the security will be increased.