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Toby Strite Manager of High Power Laser Marketing

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Toby Strite Manager of High Power Laser Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Key Conference 2006 12 – 13 November 2006 Telecom-grade Diode Lasers for Industrial Laser Applications. Toby Strite Manager of High Power Laser Marketing. Outline. Evolution of Industrial Diode Lasers Telecom-grade and beyond Diode/Fiber-based Industrial Lasers.

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Presentation Transcript

Key Conference 200612 – 13 November 2006 Telecom-grade Diode Lasers for Industrial Laser Applications

Toby Strite

Manager of High Power Laser Marketing

  • Evolution of Industrial Diode Lasers
    • Telecom-grade and beyond
  • Diode/Fiber-based Industrial Lasers
fiber coupled industrial diode laser eras
Fiber-coupled Industrial Diode Laser Eras
  • Reliability (inception  2003) “$$$’s and *#&%^!!”
    • DPSS is considered technology of the future (“always has been, always will be…”)
    • Diode laser investment focused in telecom
    • Unreliable, low brightness bars are only choice
  • Telecom-grade (2003  ?) “$/Watt”
    • Telecom migrants disrupt brightness, drive $/Watt
    • Even low-end bars reliably deliver 10,000hrs
    • Reliability and $/Watts begin to de-couple
what is a telecom grade diode laser
What is a Telecom-Grade Diode Laser?
  • Operational Excellence and Business Breadth
    • Large, fully-absorbed fab (ISO-9001 a decade ago, now TL-9000)
    • High-volume off-shore assembly
  • Technical and Cost Roadmaps, Extensive Track Record
    • Platforms, not just products
  • Predictable, sustained performance
    • Rigorous NPI, PCN and PDN processes
    • Reliability understanding surpasses the qualification report
  • … Confidence and Transparency for the Customer!
telecom 980nm pump lasers since 1993
Telecom 980nm pump lasers since 1993…
  • 90mW 980nm pumps assembled in Boston sold for $7000
  • Five chips, several packages, one transfer to China later…
    • 500mW 980nm pumps sell well below $1000
    • 90mW 980nm pumps cost $300
    • and 980nm pump vendors are (again) profitable
  • Over 13yrs, innovation and focused cost-reduction realized
    • 21% annual price reduction for 90mW part
    • 15% annual power increase for 980nm pumps
    • 26% annual $/mW price reduction to the market
the story moves to fiber laser pumps
The Story Moves to Fiber Laser Pumps

14% average annual

power increase

Annual 17.5% (red) power increases enabling 26% annual $/Watt erosion predicts a reliable 35W fiber-coupled diode will sell for $70 in 2016…!!

third industrial diode era efficiency
Third Industrial Diode Era - Efficiency
  • Diode Efficiency (2005  ?) “still $/Watt”
    • reliable power is limited by waste heat
  • For diodes to progress, efficiency must increase

32 Watts

optimizing single emitter efficiency
Optimizing single-emitter efficiency

Research funded by DARPA SHEDS program promises power conversion efficiency improvements in future fiber laser pumps

diode laser cy 06 tams
Diode Laser CY’06 TAMs
  • $3.5B diode laser market is 59% of total laser sales

Industrial, Medical, Graphics and Other - $300M

Telecom/Datacom - $1.2B

Optical storage - $1.9B

Source: Laser Focus World annual Laser Market Review (Feb’06)

industrial diode market segmentation
Industrial Diode Market Segmentation

High-quality, telecom-grade diodes enable wholesale shift of industrial laser industry to diode-based solutions


Graphic Arts $32M

Displacement of classic lasers by Direct Diode systems



Diode TAM

Medical Diodes $75M

Displacement of classic lamp-pumped SSL and gas lasers by DPSSL

“Fiber Laser Market set to grow at a 35% CAGR through 2010” – Strategies Unlimited, Apr’06

Solid-State and Fiber Laser Pumps $160M


diodes and fiber disrupting the laser industry


Diodes and Fiber – Disrupting the Laser Industry
  • Fiber is a new paradigm
    • Fiber-based Laser SS/Gas Lasers
    • Modular, spliced Delicate alignments
    • Service free Disposables
    • High efficiency (25+%) Low efficiency (few to 10%)
    • High brightness Inferior brightness
  • Direct Diode systems are just another fiber laser
  • Solid-state (classic) lasers are adopting fiber
phoenix ssl platform
Phoenix SSL platform

Laser diode FBG PP crystal beam shaping/

light loop

Not your typical diode-pumped

solid-state laser:

telecom style packages

spliced fiber

  • Pump diode lasers are mature, reliable
    • Telecom-grade diodes soon to be ubiquitous in the industrial laser industry
  • Fiber lasers are merely the most important variety of fiber laser