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Kraftwerk K9

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Kraftwerk K9
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Kraftwerk K9

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  1. The Mother And Puppies Are Provided With Private Kennels At Kraftwerk K9

  2. Located in Rochester, WA, Kraftwerk K9 is one of the leading stores that provide dog breeding and training facilities. Wayne Curry, the owner of the firm, introduced it with an aim of providing the dogs with loving and caring environment.

  3. Wayne created this facility in order to match the working standards developed in Germany. He is a prominent dog trainer/handler across Rochester and has handled dogs, specifically German Shepherds in more than 100 competitions world-wide.

  4. The first dog trained by him in Schutzhund received High-In-Trial and the second one was awarded first place in trial and later went on to become the National Champion with an excellent rating.

  5. Wayne Curry is the only breeder to have two American-Bred dogs competing at the BSP (German Nationals) and has also been four-time WUSU World Champion Team Member, three years in a row with the same dog. He has been passionate about caring animals since a very small age.

  6. Kraftwerk K9 is a twenty five acre facility and has a large number of state-of-the-art kennels especially designed for breeding dogs. It includes huge 6'x16' private, covered, and open air runs for the dogs. Apart from this, the mother and puppies are provided with private kennels. The kennels are designed for providing the dogs with ultimate comfort, natural outdoor and indoor environment.

  7. Kraftwerk K9 provides the dogs with clean, hygienic atmosphere and free from stress indoor sleeping quarters. It has a team of twelve highly proficient experts along with an experienced 24/7 on-site veterinarian who examines each and every dog thoroughly.

  8. The extensive examination process includes teeth and gum inspection and from the back to the front exam. Listening to the heart is also a standard procedure in the examination. The team of experts actively works round the clock for the dogs and puppies. For further information, please browse through

  9. Thank you