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Customer Allegiance PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Allegiance

Customer Allegiance

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Customer Allegiance

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  1. Customer Allegiance C0-Sponsorer by Superior Foods And 916.708.8103

  2. 916.708.8103 Matt Upton Speaking Of Success Call or Text me Speaking of Success

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  8. Discover the ART of Your Life

  9. With four connecting lines, connect all nine dots

  10. A is Acceptance R is Responsibility T is Targeting

  11. Customer Allegiance Three aspects is developing Customer Allegiance • We must believe and be positive • We must understand and serve the customer • We must breed customer allegiance 916.708.8103

  12. Customer Allegiance • Seeing the good in things • Seeing how to locate the good in a bad situation • Seeing the opportunity when an obstacle faces you • Seeing “what is right” with things • Treating others the way you desire to be treated • Encourage others when they need strength 916.708.8103

  13. Customer Allegiance positive • Releasing others from owing you when they have hurt or offended you • Allowing the negative and poisonous things of life to disappear as the sun sets in the evening • Accept the bad days as a day that will pass away • Saying nice orhumorousthings • Deciding to beinternallyhappy … this is called joy • Be responsible for your attitude and words 916.708.8103


  15. Customer Allegiance Customer allegiance is realized in living the following seven core values CORE VALUE NUMBER ONE • Serving the customer begins in understanding they are the boss and they are the one that signs your paycheck. “The more you work for the customer’s success the more allegiance they will have for you” 916.708.8103

  16. Customer Allegiance CORE VALUE NUMBER TWO • Your personal commitment to a positive attitude determines the level of service you perform. “Your attitude is the customer’s perception of the entire team” 916.708.8103

  17. Customer Allegiance CORE VALUE NUMBER THREE • Understanding that customers come to you through a call, contact, or visit for one reason … “THEY NEED WHAT YOU HAVE” “When it is all said and done they BUY you not your product” 916.708.8103

  18. Customer Allegiance CORE VALUE NUMBER FOUR • The value of customer allegiance is multipliable “When you connect with this customer you also connect to their contacts” 916.708.8103

  19. Customer Allegiance CORE VALUE NUMBER FIVE • The quality of the relationship determines their allegiance 916.708.8103

  20. Customer Allegiance CORE VALUE NUMBER SIX • When they start talking is when true allegiance begins or ends Serve them a positive sandwich: Start with positive, put positive in the middle, end with positive 916.708.8103

  21. Customer Allegiance CORE VALUE NUMBER SEVEN • The way they feel when they are finished with the transaction determines their level of allegiance “If you were your customer today, would you come back?” 916.708.8103

  22. Breeding Customer Allegiance The Seven Seeds of Breeding Customer Allegiance 916.708.8103

  23. Customer allegiance is the result of multiple positive experiences. It increases or decreases over time, based on deeds, feelings, and words. 916.708.8103

  24. FIRST SEED Be unusual where usual is expected and accepted. Add the “WOW” to the experience to where they must tell others of you and the experience. Breeding Customer Allegiance 916.708.8103

  25. SECOND SEED Go the extra mile in the way you speak, look, and react to them BREEDING CUSTOMER ALLEGIANCE 916.708.8103

  26. THIRD SEED Give service beyond the initial transaction BREEDING CUSTOMER ALLEGIANCE 916.708.8103

  27. FOURTH SEED Become proactive for your customer BREEDING CUSTOMER ALLEGIANCE 916.708.8103

  28. FIFTH SEED Give them the most memorable service they have ever had BREEDING CUSTOMER ALLEGIANCE 916.708.8103

  29. SIXTH SEED Give them friendly service above and beyond their expectations BREEDING CUSTOMER ALLEGIANCE 916.708.8103

  30. SEVENTH SEED Be fun, enjoyable, positive and likeable and they will return with their friends and contacts BREEDING CUSTOMER ALLEGIANCE 916.708.8103

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