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A Successful Foreign Language Learner

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A Successful Foreign Language Learner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Successful Foreign Language Learner. Prof. Yi-Ping Wu. The Seventh Group. Group Members. 9331372 Carlos Dong. 9331376 Lisa Wu. 9331338 Zoë Lee. 9331378 Vicky Lin. Introduction. The Purpose of the Study. Why do we choose her? - The first reason

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a successful foreign language learner

A Successful Foreign Language Learner

Prof. Yi-Ping Wu

The Seventh Group

group members
Group Members


Carlos Dong


Lisa Wu


Zoë Lee


Vicky Lin

the purpose of the study
The Purpose of the Study
  • Why do we choose her?

- The first reason

We want to know that how she conquered many

problems in foreigner country.

- The second reason

She always tells us how to learn English better.

  • Why do we think she is successful?

She is a good example who spent seven years

studying aboard and now is a English teacher.

case description
Case Description
  • Educational background and research fields

-Deguang Catholic Girls' High School

-B.A in English Literature atProvidence University

- Ph.D. in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas

case description1
Case Description
  • Learning experiences

-elementary school

-junior high school

-senior high school


-graduate school

data collection
Data Collection
  • Face-to-face interview

We planned a number of questionsbefore the interview.

  • E-mails

We asked for some extra information.

  • Questionnaire

She did the questionnaire of learning styles.

analysis of professor wu s learning characteristic
Analysis of Professor Wu’s Learning Characteristic
  • Intelligence

Professor Wu excels in spatial, musical, and

interpersonal intelligence.

  • Personality

Professor Wu is moderately extroverted

analysis of professor wu s learning characteristic1
Analysis of Professor Wu’s Learning Characteristic
  • Motivation and attitudes

Professor Wu has intrinsic and instrumental motivation.

  • Learner Preferences

Professor Wu tends to be visual , field-independent,

reflective, and has no particular dominance on

either side.


- Practice and drill

She listens to radio and watches American TV programseveryday.

- Habit formation

She keeps practicing and repeating the language constantly to form her habit of saying those sentences.

- Imitation

She admired a teacher’s teaching, so she started to imitate that teacher.

- Positive and corrective feedback

She felt confident in learning second language.


When Professor Wu studied abroad, she had

many chances to communicate with others.

  • CPH (Critical Period Hypothesis)

Professor Wu started to learn English at ten.

ZPD (zone of proximal development)

She improved her speaking skills by talking with

more advanced learners.

  • The input hypothesis

I+1 (I= comprehensible input)-- read more

difficulty stuff.

  • Professor Wu’s success in second language learning attributes to many factors, including her strong intrinsic motivation, long-term formed habit, and positive attitude.
  • She believes that positive attitude and good learning skills are the best ways to study English.
  • “Never give up, and success will belong to you.”
suggestion for foreign language learners
Suggestion For Foreign Language Learners
  • Reading ability

Choose a proper materialto read

  • Writing ability

Imitate the structure of authentic articles

  • Listening ability

Listen to ICRT and watch English videos

  • Speaking ability

Seize every opportunity to speak in English.

Thank You

For Your Attention