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Features & Functionality. Accepted at millions of locations, the Visa award Card allows recipients to buy what they want…where they want…when they want. Available in various denominations from $20 - $5,000. 24x7 Bilingual cardholder service via IVR or Live Agent.

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Features & Functionality
  • Accepted at millions of locations, the Visa award Card allows recipients to buy what they want…where they want…when they want.

Available in various denominations from $20 - $5,000

24x7 Bilingual cardholder service via IVR or Live Agent

Replaceable if Lost or Stolen

Personalized with the recipients name on card or Non-personalized for random distribution

MyAccount web access allowing cardholders to log-on and view account balance and past transactions

Custom messages on individual cards can be utilized to identify a given program or event!

Accepted at millions of merchant locations that accept Visa debit cards

Fast Order Fulfillment turnaround – typically 2- 4 days

One Card… Many Solutions
  • Visa award cards provide a flexible and secure payment solution for a variety of customer incentive and loyalty programs.
      • Sales Incentives
      • Rebates
      • Prizes and Contests
      • Loyalty Programs
      • Holiday awards

We are pleased to offer full four color customaward Cards from: Visa® , MasterCard®, Discover®

Dynamic Digital Designs, Inc

About Us

  • Established in 1995
  • Licensed Reseller of award and Promotional cards for Visa, MasterCard and Discover
  • Have issued over $9 million in custom cards
  • Our goal is help clients motivate:
      • Employees
      • Customers 
      • Consumers
  • Our founder, Sam Ottenlips spent 30 years at Maritz Motivation Company. He held numerous positions including CIO and COO, Sam was responsible for the management of over 3,200 marketing/employee incentives.
  • Supplier of record for ASI #51178 and PPAI #357212
Have you spent hours trying to find the perfect award!
    • One that pleases males and females
    • Young and Seniors
    • New and Existing Customers
    • Artists and Accountants
  • No matter how hard you try… usually 33% of the people will wish you had given them something else!
  • Even sadder is that some potential customers might have not even given your products a “‘second look!”
examples of what was thought to be a great award
Examples of what was thought to be a great award
  • A company gave an employee beautiful Waterford Crystal wine decanter ($200). Employee did not drink, sold it for $15 and bought a new fishing rod.
  • Boss offered an employee 10 day training class in Hawaii. Employees asked if it could be canceled. (Terribly frightened of flying and had a sick mother.)
for a successful promotion
For a Successful promotion:
  • Rule #1 offer the person something they want!
  • Rule #2 tell them exactly what they need to do to get #1.
  • Rule #3 the unwritten rule…Person decides if rule #2 is worth the effort to get #1’s reward.
  • Simply stated… Almost 100% of your people will find an award Card to be the perfect award!
  • award Cards help to promote and brand your company!
Promote Your Brand and Deliver Your Custom Message!
  •  Now you can order Visa award cards embossed
  • with your company name and personal message!
  • Visa cards are accepted at millions of locations and allow recipients to buy what they want…where they want…when they want.
  • Most important …branded cards constantly remind the consumer of you and your BRAND!
  • Typically, an award Card is carried in wallet/purse for 3 - 6 months.
    • If a person opens their wallet 1 – 3 times a day, you can be promoted 30 to 540 times!
choose from several stock card images
Choose from Several Stock Card Images
  • Our award Cardsallow for two lines of embossing.
    • Generic (all card with the same embossed message)
    • Personalize (Each card can show card holder name, a personal message and a varying amount.)
  • You to can mix generic and personalized cards on the same order.
card expiration the best of two worlds
Card Expiration the best of two worlds!
  • Most of our competitors have a 3 - 6 month card expiration.
  • We have chosen to offer a 24 month card from the day the card is created.
    • For the first 6 months, we waive the maintenance fee.
    • If a card has a balance beyond month six, we charge a monthly maintenance fee of $2.95
    • This fee continues until the remaining value is depleted or until the expiration of the card.
  • We encourage our clients to order in small quantitiesand not to "hold cards". This will insure that "fresh”cards are issued to their customers.
Our Pricing for Visa award Cards …

Item Stock Cards

Setup Charge $100

(One time fee on 1st order)

Cost per Card $5.95

3% Coordination Fee*

*Fee is charged against the face value and the cost of the plastic.

Example $20 face value card=

($20 plus $5.95) times 103% = $26.47

Order Considerations
  • Our minimum card order is 50 cards on Stock
  • Minimum face value is $20
  • Cards can be loaded with $20 to $5,000.00
  • We can deliver your Visa award Cards in 1-2 weeks!
  • Cards can be ordered on as needed basis (daily, weekly, or
  • monthly basis.)
  • Cards can be shipped in bulk or shipped via First Class directly to the award winner.
Superior Customer Service
  • SERVICE …. Before and After the Sale
  • Simplified ordering process system.
  • Total Project Management of Required Documents, Timelines, Approvals.
  • In-house Artists to create custom designs/artwork based on your requirements.
  • Legal/Regulatory Compliance – Patriot Act, Reg E, OFAC.
  • Dedicated Customer Call Center24 by 7 ready to assist with any issue the cardholder may have
Stock Cards have 2 Embossing Lines each 19 Print Positions

Give your customers the perfect award...Award Cards imprinted with your Company Name and your personal messageCo brand your company with Visa

Each card allows for two lines to deliver your personalized message

Every time they open their wallet, they will think of your brand!

Contact us to…
  • Answer any questions.
  • Set-up a custom card program that meets your needs.
  • Prepare quote based on your companies annual card volume and average load.