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Channel of Grace. As the universal sacrament, the Church: Affects the inner union of people with God Is the universal sacrament of the unity of the human race. Christ uses the Church as his instrument of salvation for all. Through the Church, we are transformed into the Body of Christ.

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Channel of grace
Channel of Grace

  • As the universal sacrament, the Church:

    • Affects the inner union of people with God

    • Is the universal sacrament of the unity of the human race.

  • Christ uses the Church as his instrument of salvation for all.

  • Through the Church, we are transformed into the Body of Christ.

  • We become the Church.

Vatican ii
Vatican II

  • Baptism  Our faith and participation in this sacrament makes us members of the Church and the People of God.

  • Confirmation  Our union with Christ and the Church is strengthened and we are “endowed with the special strength of the Holy Spirit.”

  • Eucharist  We are strengthened by the body of Christ and manifest the unity of the people of God that the sacrament signifies.

Vatican ii1
Vatican II

  • Penance and Reconciliation  This sacrament forgives sin and restores our unity with God and the Church.

  • Anointing of the Sick  This sacrament strengthens the sick and suffering members of the Church by uniting them to the passion and death of Christ.

  • Holy Orders  This sacrament enables bishops, priests and deacons to nourish the church with the word and grace of God.

Vatican ii2
Vatican II

  • Matrimony  This sacrament strengthens married couples to help one another attain holiness in their lives together and to build up the Church.

  • Just as Jesus had a three-fold mission as priest, prophet, and king so does the whole People of God.

Our mission as priests
Our Mission as Priests

  • Baptism transforms us into a spiritual house and a holy priesthood.

  • On the basis of Baptism, we are to act as Christ.

  • Duties of the common priesthood include:

    • Spiritual sacrifices to God

    • Personal holiness

    • Helping others grow in holiness

Our mission as priests spiritual sacrifices to god
Our Mission as Priests: Spiritual Sacrifices to God

  • Catholics have a responsibility and duty to worship God at all times and in all places by their holy actions.

Our mission as priests personal holiness
Our Mission as Priests: Personal Holiness

  • Through the Church, God sanctifies us, transforming us with his presence and grace through the Holy Spirit.

  • Grace is sharing in the actual life and love of the Trinity.

  • Each sacrament brings us sacramental grace – a participation in the life and love of the Trinity that comes to us through the sacraments.

Our mission as priests personal holiness1
Our Mission as Priests: Personal Holiness

  • All sacraments also dispense sanctifying grace and actual grace.

    • Sanctifying Grace  A sharing in God’s life that makes us holy.

    • Actual Grace  Divine help to perform some good action we would not ordinarily be able to do on our own

  • We don’t “earn” grace, it is given to us by a generous and merciful God.

Our mission as priests helping others to grow
Our Mission as Priests: Helping Others to Grow

  • In making us holy, the sacraments transform us into a community of faith, hope, and charity.

    • These are the theological virtues – virtues bestowed on us at Baptism that relate us to God:

      • Faith  belief in and personal knowledge of God

      • Hope  trust in God’s Salvation and his bestowal of graces needed to attain it)

      • Charity  love of God and love of neighbor

  • They also help us form a community of faith, hope, and charity.

Our mission as prophets
Our Mission as Prophets

  • A prophet is someone who speaks God’s Word to others, witnesses to the truth about Jesus Christ, and reminds people to persevere in true faith.

  • Jesus was a prophet because he spoke about God’s infinite saving love.

  • We act as prophets whenever we encourage others in the Church to persevere in faith despite times of trouble.

Our mission as prophets1
Our Mission as Prophets

  • The Church’s sacraments transform us into evangelists.

  • Ordained bishops and priests work mainly within the Church.

  • The laity – all the members of the Church who have been initiated into the Church through Baptism and who are not ordained – carry their prophetic mission primarily outside the Church.

Our mission as prophets2
Our Mission as Prophets

  • Vatican II clarified that laypeople have “the special vocation” to help build God’s Kingdom.

  • We act as salt of the earth and light of the world.

  • We help bring all people to Christ.

Our royal mission
Our Royal Mission

  • Christ offered us the gift of “royal freedom” so that we might overcome our own sinfulness and encourage the world to do the same.

  • The true role of those in power is to serve the people they are charged to protect and provide welfare for.

  • True royalty – like Jesus – seeks to serve others rather than to be served.

Our royal mission1
Our Royal Mission

  • We participate in Jesus’ mission whenever we work for justice and peace and serve others.

  • The Church carries out her royal mission by:

    • Establishing and maintaining foreign missions

    • Serving needy people in local areas

  • As sacrament, the Church brings the healing, forgiving, and comforting love of God to all those in need.