the knight by adrienne rich n.
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The Knight by Adrienne Rich PowerPoint Presentation
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The Knight by Adrienne Rich

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The Knight by Adrienne Rich - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Knight by Adrienne Rich
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  1. The Knightby Adrienne Rich Presentation by Farah Azam AP English IV

  2. Analysis of the Poem A knight rides into the noon, and his helmet points to the sun, and a thousand splintered suns are the gaiety of his mail. The soles of his feet glitter and his palms flash in reply, and under his crackling banner he rides like a ship in sail.

  3. Analysis Continued… A knight rides into the noon, and only his eye is living, a lump of bitter jelly set in a metal mask, betraying rags and tatters that cling to the flesh beneath and wear his nerves to ribbons under the radiant casque.

  4. Analysis Continued… Who will unhorse this rider and free him from between the walls of iron, the emblems crushing his chest with their weight? Will they defeat him gently, or leave him hurled on the green, his rags and wounds still hidden under the great breastplate?

  5. Works Cited Leung, Julie. “Adrienne Rich's "The Knight": Dispelling the Fairy Tales.” Sept 19, 2006. 00.htm “Poem Six: The Knight by Adrienne Rich (American).” Stony Point High School, TX. hSchool/DuncanJames/Poem-Six--The- Knight.pdf