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OPUS-College. Student Management Information system. Overview. What is OPUS-College? What functionalities does it offer? What is the history of OPUS-College ? What are the technical characteristics? How can it be customized and extended?. What is OPUS-College ?.

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opus college


Student Management

Information system

  • What is OPUS-College?
  • What functionalities does it offer?
  • What is the history of OPUS-College?
  • What are the technical characteristics?
  • How can it be customized and extended?
what is opus college
What is OPUS-College?

„OPUS-College“ is a web-based management information system to store and analyze data concerning:

  • Students(Personal data, study plans, marks, ...)
  • Curriculum(Study programs, courses, examinations, ...)
  • Lecturers(Personal data, contracts, ...)
  • Organisational units (Schools, departments, ...)

OPUS: „Open University Systems“

what functionalities does it offer
What functionalities does it offer?

Example setup of role responsibilities:

  • Central registry: Admission, certificates, organizational unit information
  • Decentral (schools/departments): Curriculum (structure of study programs, subjects), (academic) staff information
  • Lecturers: Course descriptions, marks entry, personal data
  • Studierende:Query own study progress (marks)

Opus‘ flexible authorization system controls access to data

Opus‘ reporting engine makes data available: e.g. Student lists, statistics

what is the history of opus college
What is the history of OPUS-College?
  • Point of departure: Development cooperation project 2006-10; with universities in Mozambique and the Netherlands
  • Enhancements for Zambia2011-13Supporting two different educational systems: Portuguese and English based
  • Interest is shown from universities in a variety of countries
  • Homepage: www.opuscollege.net
what are the technical characteristics
What are the technical characteristics?

OPUS-College is published under Mozilla triple license (MPL/LGPL/GPL)

Based on open source components

  • JAVA und Spring Development Framework
  • PostgreSQL (database)
  • iBatisfor the persistence (mapping application – database)
  • JasperReportsfor the generation of automized reports
  • Apache Tomcat as the web server
  • A web browser for the user interface(no further software needs to be installed on user PCs)
how can it be customized and extended
How can it be customized and extended?
  • OPUS consists of modules
    • Kernel/college,
    • report
    • fee
    • scholarship
    • accommodation
    • admission
    • Country-specific modules (e.g. zambia)
    • Uni-specific modules (e.g. cbu) to customize for example the student number format
    • Additional modules are possible
  • „Extension point“ concept
    • Extension points allow to customize or extend existing functionality, for example adding own reports
    • Additional extension points can be made available at any time