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Opus Dei

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Opus Dei

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  1. Opus Dei The Truth about Opus Dei and The DaVinci Code By: Ellie Molyneux

  2. THE SHOWDOWN Dan Brown’s Facts VERSUS Opus Dei’s Fiction

  3. “The Vatican Prelature known as Opus Dei is a deeply devout Catholic sect that has been the topic of recent controversy due to reports of brainwashing, coercion, and a dangerous practice known as corporal mortification.” Opus Dei Headquarters in New York City Dan Brown on Opus Dei : “The Facts”

  4. Opus Dei portrayed through Aringarosa and Silas They accurately represent what can occur to Opus Dei members Implications: Hierarchal establishment Mind control Loss of perspective Internal confusion Impious motivations FACT?:

  5. Opposition to Dan Brown’s Claims • Main opposition comes in a statement about the book by Opus Dei • Arguments are supported by Opus members with high stakes in the group

  6. Opus Dei Awareness Network Writer Michael Walsh 18-year numerary Maria del Carmen Tapia Opus Dei’s Form of Self-”Discipline” A Few Support Sources for Brown’s Claims

  7. Opus Dei:Beyond The DaVinci Code Facts • Brown omits: • Public deception • Secrecy/Lies • Segregation • Oppression • Recruiting Practices • Cult-like Control

  8. A Father’s Response: Secrecy • “Contrary to some of the things you have probably read in your research, Opus Dei is in no way secret.” – Reverend Arturi • “Opus Dei states they give copies of their statutes to all the bishops in whose dioceses they operate. When I asked some bishops to see the statutes, they refused me access.” –Ex-member who was denied access to doctrine

  9. A Father’s Response to Segregation • “it is merely independence” • “we find it helpful to organize separate activities for men and women” • “This makes it easier to deal with themes that may be of particular interest to one group or the other” - Reverend Bradley Arturi, US Opus Dei Headquarters

  10. A Father’s Response: Recruiting • “It [is] something so simple, natural, and straightforward such that one would have a hard time distorting the whole thing and still tell the truth.” -Reverend Arturi

  11. When Opus Dei-type Mind Control Happens to Good People… • Jim Jones formed The People’s Temple • Similar ideas of bettering themselves • Secretive, controlling, and cultish • External pressure for truth lead to conflict • Result in misery and mass suicide

  12. THE SHOWDOWN WINNER!! The Man with Truthful Fighting Words The Final Round Dan Brown VERSUS Opus Dei

  13. Bibliography Slide • Brown, Dan. The Da Vinci Code. Doubleday, 2003. • Tapia, María del Carmen, 1925 Beyond the threshold : a life in Opus Dei     • Walsh, Michael. Opus Dei: An Investigation into the Powerful Secretive Society within the Catholic Church. San Francisco: Harper Publishing, 2004. • •