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Sophomore Scheduling Class of 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sophomore Scheduling Class of 2013. ALHS Guidance Department. Mr. Kaminski Class of 2013 Ms. Shuster Class of 2011 Mr. Sislowski Class of 2012 Mr. Petrulis Class of 2014. To Speak With a Guidance Counselor:.

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Sophomore scheduling class of 2013


Class of 2013

Alhs guidance department
ALHS Guidance Department

  • Mr. Kaminski Class of 2013

  • Ms. Shuster Class of 2011

  • Mr. Sislowski Class of 2012

  • Mr. Petrulis Class of 2014

To speak with a guidance counselor
To Speak With a Guidance Counselor:

Please sign up on your counselor’s schedule sheet located just outside of their office before school, after school, during lunch or study hall.

Sophomore scheduling class of 2013

Programof Studies




Language arts
Language Arts

4 Credits

  • Soph. Comp./Lit.

  • Soph. Comp./Lit. Honors


3 Credits Total

  • Integrated Math II

  • Geometry

  • Honors Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • Algebra II Honors.


3 Credits Total

  • Life Science

  • Chem. Com.

  • Chemistry

  • Chemistry Honors.

Social studies
Social Studies

3 Credits Total

  • American History I & II

  • AP American History

Sophomore scheduling class of 2013

Your current

teacher in each subject will make a recommendation on what class you should take next year!

Health p e

  • P.E. 10 – ¼ Credit

  • Health 10 – ½ Credit

    To meet the graduation requirement you

    must earn ½ credits of both P.E. and


Business tech foreign language or fine arts
Business/Tech, Foreign Language or Fine Arts

1 Credit Total

  • Fine Arts – Art, Band, Choir

  • Foreign Language – French, Spanish and possibly Chinese

  • Business/Technology – Computer or General Business Classes.


9 Credits Total

An elective course is any course not required for graduation.


  • Foods I & II

  • Intro to Manufacturing

  • Clothing and Fashion, etc.

Total credits to graduation
Total Credits to Graduation


Credits Total

  • Must pass all 5 parts of the Ohio Graduation Test.

Make course selections online
Make Course Selections Online

User name and Password will appear on your

course selection sheets.

Log on and select courses carefully!

Your counselor will review selected courses

to assure proper placement.

Parent assistant
Parent Assistant


Sophomore scheduling class of 2013



First, check each course under the “Add” column.

Then click “Add Checked Courses”

Ohio honors diploma
Ohio Honors Diploma have scheduled


  • 3 units of one foreign language, or 2 each of 2 languages.

  • One unit of fine arts – art, drama and music.

  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA or score a 27 on the ACT.

College prep
College Prep have scheduled

Meet all requirements for graduation and complete the following;

  • 2 units minimum of 1 foreign language.

  • 1 unit of fine arts (band, choir, art, drama)

Honors ap courses
Honors/AP Courses have scheduled

Your current teachers will help you decide whether to enroll in regular or honors classes.

Grade promotion
Grade Promotion have scheduled

  • 10th Grade Students - 5.75 credits

  • 11th Grade Students - 11 credits

  • 12th Grade Students - 16.50 credits

  • Graduation - 24 credits

Summer school

Summer have scheduledSchool

If you failed a course this year, see your counselor about summer school or add it to your schedule next year!

Schedule changes
Schedule Changes have scheduled

  • Choose classes wisely.

  • Schedules are not changed often. They will only be changed if you were misplaced academically.

Scheduling for grade 10
Scheduling for Grade 10 have scheduled


  • English – Soph. Comp/Lit, or Soph. Comp/Lit H.

  • Mathematics – Integrated II, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra II or Algebra II Honors.

  • Social Studies – American History I and II or AP US History

  • Science – Life Science, Chem. Com, Chemistry, Chemistry Honors

  • P. E./Health – P.E. 10 and Health

  • Electives – 2 semesters of electives.

Program of studies online www avonlakecityschools org
Program of Studies have

All courses are listed alphabetically according to department. Descriptions include:

1). Grade Requirement

2). Time Requirement

3). Amount of Credit

4). Prerequisites

5). Fee

Scheduling review
Scheduling Review have scheduled

  • Choose an English.

  • Choose a Math.

  • Choose a Science.

  • Choose a Social Studies.

  • Choose P.E. 10 and Health.

  • Choose Electives.

  • You MUST have 6 classes each semester.

Pseo opportunities
PSEO have scheduledOpportunities

  • Mandatory PSEO Meeting Wednesday, February 17th in the PAC at the high school 7 pm.

  • Learn how to earn high school and college credit at the same time!

  • You must submit a letter of intent to ALHS Guidance by the March 30th, 2010.

Sophomore scheduling class of 2013

The End have scheduled

Have a nice day!