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  1. fought from May 1st – May 3rd, 1863 It was fought in the vicinity of Spotsylvania, Virginia, near the village of Chancellorsville. CHANCELLORSVILLE MADE BY Laura Precourt, Ginny Neufeld, Luke Yenter and Connor Mace

  2. Battle of Chancellorsville Overview The battle began on May 1st , 1863 in Virginia. Joseph Hooker was leading the V, XI, and XII corps across the Rappahannock River. He sent 2 corps, along with John Sedgwick, a major general, to cross below Chancellorsville, where Robert E. Lee was waiting with his outnumbered troops. Lee left about 10,000 men with Jubal Anderson Early, a commanding officer, while he and the rest of his troops moved on to Hooker, who had since switched to a defensive stance around the Wilderness of Chancellorsville. On May 2, 1863, Lee attacked. He won the battle using strategy, instead of strength. It was his last great victory, and it led to his invasion of the North in the Gettysburg campaign.

  3. CHANCELLORSVILLE STATS • United States(Union) •CSA(Confederacy) • Joseph Hooker led the • Robert E. Lee led the • Army of the Potomac Army of Northern VA • 133,868 soldiers • 60,892 soldiers • 1,606 killed, 9,672 wounded, •1,665 killed, 9,081 wounded, • 5,919 missing •2,018 missing

  4. BATTLE COMMANDERS JOSEPH HOOKER ROBERT E. LEE *Was the union general *Fought in the Mexican American War. *He was known as “Fighting Joe. *Grandson of a captain in the Revolutionary War. *Ranked 29th in his military class. *He was a ladies man. *Testified against his former commander, General Scott. *Became a farmer after he resigned. *Son of Revolutionary War hero. *top graduate at West Point. *Lee was asked to be Union commander but declined. *Commander of the confederate army. *His nickname was marble man. *April 9 1865 Lee surrendered to Appotomax Court House. *Became President of Washington University. *Fought in the Mexican-American War and at Harper Ferries Raid.


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  7. THE EFFECT OF THE BATTLE The battle of Chancellorsville had a affect of the Civil War in many ways. One way is the number of soldiers dead. Any amount of soldiers dead is a loss to their army and their loved ones. One death that is of importance to this battle, the civil war, and the entirety of history is the death of Stonewall Jackson. Stonewall Jackson, was a dignified confederate general. He was known to as, “the right hand man” of General Lee. He was shot by one of his own confederate soldiers, who thought that he was the union enemy. The battle turned out to show how strong the Confederate army could be. And how cunning and strategic General. Lee was even in a circumstance where he was highly outnumbered. The battle was a stepping stone to Gettysburg and another win for the Confederacy.