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Back from Albany! RTTT Updates from your Network Team! PowerPoint Presentation
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Back from Albany! RTTT Updates from your Network Team!

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Back from Albany! RTTT Updates from your Network Team! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Back from Albany! RTTT Updates from your Network Team!
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  1. Back from Albany! RTTT Updates from your Network Team! November, 2011

  2. The November Faces of Albany… “We want to move away from high accountability and low support to high accountability and high support.” Commissioner John King

  3. How do the deliverables relate to each other?

  4. Outcomes: • Describe significant learning from the November 2-3 Network Team Institute • Describe the resources that have been added to the engageNY site

  5. Teacher Leader Effectiveness

  6. The November faces of Albany…Teacher Leader Effectiveness Patrick Flynn and Scott Ratchford - ReVision Learning Session One – Developing Teacher Performance through Rubrics and Quality Professional Growth Plans

  7. Teacher Leader Effectiveness • Define Human Capital and Social Capital and describe how leadership effectively balances both to improve student outcomes • Identify and explain how a common language creates and supports professionalism and a culture for learning

  8. “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Margaret Wheatley

  9. The November Faces of Albany…Teacher Leader Effectiveness Rachel Sexton and Leslie Abbatiello - ReVision Learning Session 2 – Using Teacher Observation to Calibrate Rubric Scoring and Provide Feedback

  10. Teacher Leader Effectiveness • Identify areas of effective teaching • Identify where a teacher is in applying key teaching skills • Define a professional growth process that allows teachers to close the gap

  11. What challenges do you forsee using the rubrics? • Defining the language – getting everyone on the same page • Time – Finding ways to use the rubrics efficiently • Process of collecting evidence • Inter-rater reliability

  12. Collect quality evidence • Identify accuracy in data collected • Identify personal opinion or bias in data collected • Accurately label evidence using the rubric

  13. SLO’s…..




  17. Common Core









  26. One Unit Each Semester…

  27. What is intended…. • For each teacher to “wrap their minds around what it means to change practice to teach the shifts.” – Kate Gerson (ie: finding evidence in text) • It is about changing instructional practice to ensure teachers and students are working on the shifts in the Common Core. • The “one” per semester concept is to provide order and clarity for teachers. It is to keep them in a rational place by asking them to change one thing at a time. • There is time now to start making changes before the new tests start.

  28. Engage NY v1.1

  29. EngageNY 1.1

  30. Math Module- First Grade

  31. DRAFT ELA/ Literacy Rubric

  32. DRAFT Mathematics Rubric

  33. Assessment Timelines As of October 20th – subject to revision and dependent on realities of fiscal climate

  34. New York State Assessment Transition PlanELA & Math DRAFT Revised October 20, 2011 1 New ELA assessments in grades 9 and 10 will begin during the 2012-13 school year and will be aligned to the Common Core, pending funding. 2 The PARCC assessments are scheduled to be operational in 2014-15 and are subject to adoption by the New York State Board of Regents. The PARCC assessments are still in development and the role of PARCC assessments as Regents assessments will be determined. All PARCC assessments will be aligned to the Common Core. 3 The names of New York State’s Mathematics Regents exams are expected to change to reflect the new alignment of these assessments to the Common Core. For additional information about the upper-level mathematics course sequence and related standards, see the “Traditional Pathway” section of Common Core Mathematics Appendix A. 4 The timeline for Regents Math roll-out is under discussion. 5 New York State is a member of the NCSC national alternate assessments consortium that is engaged in research and development of new alternate assessments for alternate achievement standards. The NCSC assessments are scheduled to be operational in 2014-15 and are subject to adoption by the New York State Board of Regents.

  35. Common Core: Alignment of the Science & Social Studies Assessments DRAFT As of October 20, 2011 (Subject to Revision) 4 In conjunction with New York State’s Race to the Top award, there will be new Science assessments in grades 6 and 7  and new Social Studies assessments in grades 6-8. These assessments are expected to include the Common Core Literacy Standards and will be infused with Common Core expectations (e.g., reliance on enduring understandings rather than non-core factual knowledge) to reflect New York State’s adoption of the Common Core. The state-level and national dialogues about learning standards are ever-changing, and should the New York State Board of Regents choose to adopt new learning standards such as the Next Generation Science Standards currently under development by a multi-state consortium of which New York is a lead state, these new assessments will be aligned to new learning standards.  The graphic represents that there will also be a new Gr 8 assessment… 6Pending acceptance and approval of Next Generation Science Standards by Board of Regents. New York State is participating in development of the NGSS.

  36. Timeline for Availability of Sample Test Items 2012-13 Grade 3-8 NYS English Language Arts: Summer 2012 Grades 3-8 NYS Mathematics: Summer 2012 Grades 9-10 NYS English Language Arts (if funding available): Summer 2012 2013-14 Algebra I: Summer 2012 2014-15 (if PARCC adopted by the Board of Regents) PARCC 3-11 English Language Arts & Literacy: Summer 2013 PARCC 3-11 Mathematics: Summer 2013

  37. Scope & Sequence for CCSS PD in 11/12

  38. Data Driven Instruction…. “DDI is the engine that pushes the three initiatives forward.” Ken Slentz

  39. The November Faces of Albany… Data Driven Instruction Liz Dozier - Lead Presenter Shannell Jackson Marc Etienne Nate Franz Alex Guerrier

  40. Data Driven Instruction • Identify/review the key principles/lessons from Paul Bambrick-Santoyo’s summer workshop • Identify key principles of analysis • Define criteria for effective action planning