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试卷中存在的主要问题 ( 2009 第一学期期终调研考试试卷英语) PowerPoint Presentation
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试卷中存在的主要问题 ( 2009 第一学期期终调研考试试卷英语)

试卷中存在的主要问题 ( 2009 第一学期期终调研考试试卷英语)

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试卷中存在的主要问题 ( 2009 第一学期期终调研考试试卷英语)

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  1. 试卷中存在的主要问题(2009第一学期期终调研考试试卷英语)试卷中存在的主要问题(2009第一学期期终调研考试试卷英语)

  2. 学业水平考试英语学科分析 闵行区教师进修学院 沈雅琴

  3. Part 1 Listening

  4. ●对话:从对话中提取信息(09) 7. W: Peter, would you like to go swimming with me this afternoon? M: Yes, I’d love to. Swimming is my favorite sport. Q: What’s Peter’s favorite sport? A) Swimming B) Boating C) Running D) Skating 8. W: Hello, may I speak to John? M: John Walker or John Cooper? W: John Cooper from Canada. M: Oh, I’m sorry he’s just gone back to Canada. Q: Where is John Cooper from? A) Australia B) Italy C) France D) Canada 注意:信息量少或重复出现关键信息,降低了解题难度。 09年有3题在一个信息中选择,3题在二个信息中选择,占比60%。 考核趋势:预计明年适当增加难度,如一个信息1-2题,2个信息1-2题,3个信息若干题,逐渐增加题目难度。

  5. ●对话:领会隐含意思 15. M: Look, there’s a new type of camera, shall we buy one? W: How much is it? M: 3000 yuan. W: It sounds like a waste of money. We seldom go out for sightseeing. Q: What does the woman mean? (09) A) She has wasted a lot of money. B) She likes this type of camera. C) She doesn’t have money for sightseeing. D) She doesn’t want to buy the camera. 13. M: Look, the moon is so round and bright. W: Yes, let’s enjoy the moon cakes in the beautiful moonlight. Q: What festival are they most probably having now? (08) A) New Year’s Day. B) Children’s Day. C) Spring Festival. D) Mid-autumn Festival. 考核趋势:每年1-2题推测隐含意思,是听对话回答问题中分要求最高的部分。

  6. 16. M: Grace, you’re a wonderful cook! The fish is really delicious. W: I am very glad you like it. Have some more, please. M: Thank you. But I am full. Q: What does the boy mean? (07) A) He wants more fish. B) He wants to cook fish. C) He doesn’t want to eat more. D) He isn’t a wonderful cook.

  7. ●对话:根据对话内容进行综合判断(对话中无明确的信息)●对话:根据对话内容进行综合判断(对话中无明确的信息) 12. W: Jack, could you help me carry the books to the classroom? M: All right, Miss Li. Q: Who might the two speakers be? (09) A) Husband and wife. B) Mother and son. C) Teacher and student. D) Nurse and patient. 14. M: Miss Wang, my daughter Cindy can’t go to school today. She didn’t feel well and was sent to hospital last night. W: I am sorry to hear that. How’s she today? M: Much better. And she will be back to school tomorrow. Q: Who might the two speakers be? (08) A) Teacher and parent. B) Husband and wife. C) Doctor and patient. D) Father and daughter.

  8. ●对话:简单计算题 16. M: Some students from Sichuan will visit our school this summer. W: Great. How many days will they stay in Shanghai? M: There will be in our school for three days and spend another four days seeing the rest of Shanghai. Q: How long will the students from Sichuan stay in Shanghai? (09) A) Three days. B) Four days. C) Seven days. D) Ten days. 15. M: Did you go to Ningbo last weekend? W: Yes. The new bridge over the sea is magnificent. M: Who went there with you? W: My parents and my cousin. Q: How many people went to Ningbo altogether?(08) A) Five. B) Four. C) Three. D) Two. 趋势:近二年每年有1题。

  9. 听对话或短文,判断T/F: 1.叙事性文章。 2.短文字数07-09年文章字数:130,143,206字,字数稳定在150-200字左右。 3.题目设置 有句子结构转换的句子,也有在原文中能直接听到的句子 相同: 最后一句对一段文字或对全文意思进行理解后的简单概括. 考核趋势:继续保持稳定

  10. Mark likes climbing hills. One day he went to the country to climb the hill. After a while, he got to the top. It was a warm sunny day. So he lay down under a tree and soon fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw two brown bears near him. They were going to attack him. Mark jumped up and ran away as quickly as he could. When he got to the road in a hurry, a small car came by and almost stopped. Without thinking, Mark opened the door and jumped in. However, when he turned to look at the driver, he was very surprised. 17. Mark went to the country to climb the hill one day. 18. After Mark lay down under a tree, he fell asleep. 19. Mark tried to run away when he saw a tiger near him. 20. Mark opened the door of a small car and jumped in.

  11. There was nobody in the driver’s seat. What happened? Is the car driving itself? Mark closed his eyes. The car kept moving slowly for some time until it finally stopped.When Mark opened his eyes, he saw that he was in front of a house.The door on the driver’s side opened and a man started to get in. Mark said at once, “don’t get in, it’s strange that the car was driving itself.” But the man said, “don’t be silly. The car went wrong at the top of the hill and I pushed it all the way down.” 21.The car kept moving fast down the hill for some time. 22. When Mark opened his eyes, the car was in front of house. 23. From the passage we know that the car was moving down itself.

  12. 听对话填词(表格—句中填词): 07年:Ivan, Blue, Monday, afternoon, four, News, Sport 08年:China, Jack, 12, August, week, rivers, shopping 09年:Sunday, six, talk, gate, maths, forget, fish 考核趋势: 1.小故事或对话居多(购买东西等日常生活话题) 2.按顺序填空,所填的字简单,在考纲范围内。 4.文章总字数 (110-197-192),基本稳定在200字左右。

  13. 选择题:  分值变化:20%(07)- 20%(08)- 26%(09)-  考核特点:涉及英语词汇和语法最广泛的题型,内容包括:  一)不同词性运用:冠词(1分)、数词(1-2分)、名词(1分)、代词(1-2分)、形容词和副词(2-4分)、介词(2分)、连词(2分)、同义词辨析(3-4分)、动词时态(2分)和语态(1分)、语言功能(2分)等.  二)不同句法的理解与运用:动词不定式、反意疑问句、感叹句、宾语从句、状语从句等(1-2分). 三)选择题命题时的排序:先语法题再词汇和语言功能题。

  14. 冠词 31.My father usually reads morning papers before going to ____ work. (07年) A) the B) aC) anD) / 31. Linda always takes ____active part in sports after school. (08年) A) / B) a C) an D) the 31. Can I have ____ look at the photo of your pen-friend? A) a B) an C) / D) the 三年连续考固定搭配,明年会改成在常规情况下运用介词,如: There is report in today’s newspaper. It’s about the International Film Festival, Shanghai. (05年) A) a B) an C) the D) /

  15. 代词(人称代词1分和不定代词2分) 33.Please keep the park clean when you enjoy ____ there. (07) A) yourB) youC) yoursD) yourselves 36. I’ve got two tickets for tonight’s concert. One is for me, ____ is for you. (07) A) otherB) the other C) othersD) another 33. David talked with a friend of ____ on the Internet for a long time yesterday. (08) A) he B) his C) him D) himself 36. I knocked on the door several times but ____ answered, so I left. (08) A) somebody B) nobody C) anybody D) everybody

  16. 34. engineers and workers are helping to rebuild the damaged city. (08) A) Many B) Much C) A little D) A lot 33. The foreign visitors asked ____ lots of questions about Chinese culture during the tour.(09) A) I B) my C) me D) mine 34. ____ of these two hats looks good on my daughter. Do you have another one? (09) A) Both B) All C) Neither D) None 36. The American student could speak only ____ Chinese, but he managed to communicate with us.(09) A) few B) little C) a few D) a little

  17. 情态动词 44.Students ____ be careful when they do chemical experiments in the lab. (07 ) A) canB) mustC) need D) may 45.- Must I return the magazine to you right now, Sandy? • -No, you ____. You may keep it until next Wednesday. (08) A) needn’t B) can’t C) must D) may 43. To everyone’s surprise, Alex ____ play chess very well when he was only four.(09) A) might B) should C) would D) could 基本上每年1题。

  18. 介词 32. It’s getting warmer and warmer ______ spring, and plants start growing. (06) A) to B) in C) of D) for 37.Teenagers are very fond ____ cartoons. (06) A) in B) among C) with D) of 32.The train to Beijing leaves ________ eight o’clock. Let’s hurry. (07) A) in B) on C) at D) from 35. The farmers are satisfied ________ their harvest through a year’s hard work. (07) A) with B) to C) of D) for

  19. 32.Betty, let’s make a cake ____ some flour, sugar, butter and milk. (08) A) at B) of C) in D) with 35.Steven and William are keen ____ playing computer games. (08) A) to B) with C) on D) at 32. The teacher often takes his students to visit the Science Museum ____ Saturdays. (09) A) in B) by C) at D) on 考核趋势:每年2题,除了09年1题。

  20. 连词 (并列连词和从属连词各1分) 39.Which would you like to buy, a DVD player ________ an MP3 player? (07) A) soB) orC) butD) and 40.Peter was late for the meeting ________ he missed the ferry. (07) A) thoughB) becauseC) whileD) if 39.We should leave early tomorrow morning, ____we won’t get there on time. (08) A) so B) or C) but D) and 40.Bill won’t make any progress ____ he studies harder than before. (08) A) if B) when C) because D) unless

  21. 46.____ John failed to climb to the top of the mountain several times, he didn’t give up.(09) A) Although B) Because C) Whether D) Unless 47. Keep an English diary, ____ your English will improve.(09) A) or B) since C) when D) and

  22. 形容词 / 副词(3分-3分-2分) 33. Taiwan is ____ island of China. I hope to visit it soon. (06) A) big B) bigger C) biggest D)the biggest 42. The lake looks ____ in the moonlight. I often take a walk around it. (06) A) wonderfully B) famous C) beautiful D) well 44. The Russian President paid his first visit to Shaolin Temple last March. He had ____ been there before. (06) A) never B) often C) usually D) always 37.Jane can speak English _______. She wants to work for the Special Olympic Games.(07) A) correctB) niceC) sweetD) well

  23. 38. This motorcycle is not as ____ as that one, and it uses less gas. (07) A) expensive B) less expensive C) more expensive D) the most expensive 41.Mr. Smith said to Billy, “Your idea sounds ____.” (07) A) clearly B) fluently C) good D) loud 38.The snow storm which hit this area last night was ____ in recent years. (08) A) heavy B) heavier C) heaviest D) the heaviest 41.George was frightened to see a snake in the grass. His face turned ____. (08) A) pale B) clean C) sadly D) happily

  24. 37. Thanks to the new inventions, our lives are much ____ than before. (09) A) convenient B) more convenient C) most convenient D) the most convenient 38. The home-made ice-cream in this restaurant tastes ____. Would you like some? (09) A) softly B) greatly C) nice D) well 考核点:形容词副词比较级和最高级、系动词后跟形容词、意思辨析等

  25. 动词(一般情况下时态2-3分,语态1分,09增加现在完成时被动):动词(一般情况下时态2-3分,语态1分,09增加现在完成时被动): 42.Nancy ____ lots of charity work in her free time since she entered college. (07) A) has done B) will do C) was doingD) is doing 43.Tara is interested in Chinese culture. She ____ Chinese at Fudan University next year. (07) A) studiesB) studied C) will studyD) had studied 46.That building is part of Shanghai’s history. It ________ many years ago. (07) A) builtB) builds C) is builtD) was built 43.Look! Jane’s grandmother ____ with some aged people in the park. (08) A) dances B) danced C) is dancing D) was dancing

  26. 44. Kevin ____ to work in his hometown after he graduated from university. (08) A) goes B) went C) will go D) had gone 39. When summer ____, some children will go to the seaside for fun. (09) A) comes B) came C) will come D) would come 40. I ____ you already that washing hands often will help prevent the A-H1N1 flue. (09) A) Tell B) told C) have told D) am telling 41. He was still working on his project while other people ____ a rest. (09) A) were having B) are having C) will have D) have 42. Many houses ____ in the big fire a few days ago. What a shame! (09) A) were damaged B) damage C) were damaging D) damaged