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2009 MNM Fatalilties

2009 MNM Fatalilties. MNM - Fatal #1 - California. Total Exp – 3 yrs 32 wks Site Exp – 3 yrs 32 wks Job Exp – 1 day Activity – Operating a Skid Steer Loader. January 6, 2009 Falling Material Sand and Gravel Laborer 41 Years Old. MNM - Fatal #1 - California.

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2009 MNM Fatalilties

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  1. 2009 MNM Fatalilties

  2. MNM - Fatal #1 - California • Total Exp – 3 yrs 32 wks • Site Exp – 3 yrs 32 wks • Job Exp – 1 day • Activity – Operating a Skid Steer Loader • January 6, 2009 • Falling Material • Sand and Gravel • Laborer • 41 Years Old

  3. MNM - Fatal #1 - California • The victim was operating a skid steer loader underneath a belt conveyor that was being dismantled. • Two co-workers were in an elevated man-lift removing a 12-foot piece of 4-inch metal tubing from the leg supports of the belt conveyor frame. • The tubing fell into the front of the skid steer loader as it approached the work area, striking the victim.

  4. MNM - Fatal #1 - California • A risk assessment to ensure all hazards were identified and controls were used to protect persons was not conducted. • Persons were not trained on hazards and safe work procedures before performing the task. • Persons were permitted to work underneath the belt conveyor support structure while braces were being cut above them.

  5. Red Line shows original tubing location.

  6. Best Practices • Establish and review procedures to ensure all possible hazards have been identified and appropriate controls are in place to protect persons before beginning work. Discuss procedures with all persons present in the work area. • Establish policies to ensure that barricades or warning signs are installed to prohibit access and protect persons from falling object hazards. • Remove all persons from beneath the area where overhead work is being performed.

  7. MNM – Fatal #2 - Kentucky • January 17, 2009 • Falling Materials • Crushed Stone Milling • Mill Operator • 48 Years Old • Total Exp – 15 wks • Site Exp – 15 wks • Job Exp – 15 wks • Activity – Clearing Blockage in Hopper • Lack of Training cited

  8. MNM – Fatal #2 - Kentucky • The victim was loading material into a hopper with a front-end loader. • He entered the hopper to dislodge frozen bridged material that would not feed onto the belt conveyor below. • Coworkers found the victim engulfed in the hopper.

  9. MNM – Fatal #2 - Kentucky • Management was aware that the hopper frequently experienced blockages of material. • They had not trained miners how to remove such blockages or provided a safe means to clear the blockages. • Miners were not familiar with the hazards at the mine. • Persons performing the tasks were not provided with required new miner training.

  10. Best Practices • Establish and review procedures to ensure all possible hazards have been identified and appropriate controls are in place to protect persons before beginning work. • Train miners in safe work procedures and hazard recognition, specifically when clearing blocked hoppers. • Lock out discharge operating controls.

  11. Best Practices • Ensure a safety harness properly secured to a lanyard is worn and a second person is positioned outside to adjust the lanyard. • Management should routinely monitor these activities to ensure miners are protected from possible hazards. • Provide vibrating shakers to maintain material flow or mechanical means of safely removing material if hoppers experience recurring flow problems.

  12. MNM – Fatal #3 - Texas • January 31, 2009 • Machinery • Alumina Milling • Contractor Hydro-Blast Technician • 40 Years Old • Total Exp – 50 wks • Site Exp – 50 wks • Job Exp – 50 wks • Activity – Hydro-Blasting

  13. MNM – Fatal #3 - Texas • The victim was cleaning hydrate that had built up inside a 30-inch pipe in the plant. • He was using a high pressure water hose when the unrestrained hose end and attachment blew out of the pipe. • He was struck by the water.

  14. Best Practices • Establish, review, and follow procedures to ensure all hazards are identified and controls are used to protect persons before beginning work. • Train persons on hazards and safe work procedures for high pressure water cleaning. • Ensure that operators are in a safe position and have control of their equipment at all times. • Install barricades or warning signs to prohibit access.

  15. Best Practices • Follow equipment manufacturers' operating instructions. • Provide emergency stop/depressurization control. • Maintain sight or voice communications between person operating the high pressure nozzle and person operating the controls. • Use special protective equipment and clothing. • Contractor and mine management should routinely monitor work activities to ensure safe operating procedures are followed and persons are protected from hazards.

  16. MNM – Fatal #4 - Iowa • April 7, 2009 • Electrical • Sand & Gravel - Dredge • Supervisor • 36 Years Old • Total Exp – 15 yrs • Site Exp – 1 ½ yrs • Job Exp – 5 yrs (as supervisor) • Activity – Electrical

  17. MNM – Fatal #4 - Iowa • The victim was attempting to connect the 4160-volt cable for the dredge to load side terminals in the electrical panel. • He came into contact with energized 4160-volt line side terminals.

  18. Best Practices • Be trained and knowledgeable in the task. • Be trained on all the electrical test and safety equipment necessary to safely test and ground the circuit being worked on. • Use properly rated Personal Protective Equipment including Arc Flash Protection such as a hood, gloves, shirt, and pants. • Positively identify the circuit on which work is to be conducted.

  19. Best Practices • De-energize power and ensure that the circuit is visibly open. • Place YOUR lock and tag on the disconnecting device. • Verify the circuit is de-energized by testing for voltage using properly rated test equipment. • Ensure all electrical components in the cabinet are de-energized. • Ground ALL phase conductors to the equipment grounding medium with grounding equipment that is properly rated.

  20. MNM – Fatal #5 – Puerto Rico • February 19, 2009 • Died: April 12, 2009 • Machinery • Sand & Gravel • Laborer • 61 Years Old • Total Exp – 11 ½ yrs • Site Exp – 22 wks • Job Exp – 8 wks • Activity – Signal Man

  21. MNM – Fatal #5 – Puerto Rico • The victim was acting as a signalman while the crane was lifting a crusher. • The victim was struck by a crane's falling boom. • He died 7 weeks later as a result of his injuries.

  22. Best Practices • Prior to a lift, know the weight of the load (including the load block & rigging) and ensure it is less than the crane's lifting capacity for the required reach. • Perform a thorough pre-operational inspection of the crane and rigging components. • Stay clear of a crane's overhead boom and do not work beneath a suspended load. • Always be certain the object being lifted is completely detached from its supporting structure prior to attempting a lift.

  23. Best Practices • Ensure that the crane turntable is level prior to lifting. • Make sure the load is aligned directly beneath the centerline of the boom to prevent side loading. • Confirm that the load will not exceed the allowable capacity of the rigging. • Follow the crane manufacturer's recommendations when making structural repairs and use certified welders.

  24. MNM – Fatal #6 – Missouri • April 14, 2009 • Slip and Fall of Person • Cement Plant under Construction • Contract Carpenter • 38 Years Old • Total Exp – 8 yrs • Site Exp – 37 wks • Job Exp – 37 wks • Activity – Dismantling Scaffolding

  25. MNM – Fatal #6 – Missouri • The victim fell about 75 feet from a scaffold platform he was dismantling. • The platform he was standing on shifted unexpectedly causing him to lose his balance. • The safety lanyard he was wearing then slipped off the suspension pipe where it was attached.

  26. MNM – Fatal #6 – Missouri • The sub-contractor management policies and safe work procedures were not followed while persons were dismantling the scaffold platform. • The victim continued to work from the platform after removing critical support and tie-off components. • These components were typically removed when persons were positioned on the structural steel above the platform and tied-off outside the scaffold platform.

  27. Best Practices • Train persons to recognize the hazards associated with the type of scaffold being used and how to control or minimize those hazards. • Wear fall protection where there is a danger of falling. • Where possible anchor fall protection to permanent support structure. • Follow the manufacturer's procedures for assembly and disassembly of scaffold systems. • Ensure that scaffolding is properly connected and braced to prevent side sway. • Prior to using scaffolding, inspect the structure to ensure that it has not been altered.

  28. MNM – Fatal #7 – Tennessee • Total Exp – 3 yrs • Site Exp – 2 wks • Job Exp – 2 wks • Activity – Working in Ditch • April 21, 2009 • Falling Materials • Sand & Gravel • Contract Laborer • 51 Years Old

  29. MNM – Fatal #7 – Tennessee • The victim was helping to place a 5,500 pound concrete catch basin into a drainage ditch. • The chain being used to attach the concrete catch basin to the excavator failed. • The concrete catch basin fell into the ditch, pinning the victim against the sidewall of the ditch.

  30. MNM – Fatal #7 – Tennessee • A risk assessment to discuss the task with the crew and identify possible hazards was not conducted prior to lifting and moving the concrete catch basin. • The chain used to support the concrete catch basin was not rated and would not support the load being lifted and moved. • Additionally, the victim was working in an area where he could not stay clear of a suspended load.

  31. Best Practices • Identify hazards associated with the task to be performed, review those hazards with all personnel involved, and implement measures to ensure persons are properly protected. • Communicate lift plans to all persons working in the lift zone to ensure that no one is under a suspended load. • Stay clear of a suspended load.

  32. Best Practices • Attach taglines to loads that may require steadying or guidance while suspended. • Use sling or chain assemblies (rigging) specifically intended for lifting and adequately rated for the loads being lifted. • Carefully inspect all rigging prior to each use.

  33. MNM – Fatal #8 – Texas • May 1, 2009 • Machinery • Sand & Gravel - Dredge • Dredge Operator • 59 Years Old • Total Exp – 3 yrs • Site Exp – 3 yrs • Job Exp – 3 yrs • Activity – Operating Dredge

  34. MNM – Fatal #8 – Texas • The victim was fatally injured when he became entangled in one of two positioning winches on a dredge. • He was attempting to hand guide the cable onto the winch while it was rewinding. • The winch was not taken out of service when the winch control lever functions reversed following the installation of a new winch cable. • The winch was not shut off before maintenance was performed.

  35. Best Practices • Conduct a complete pre-operational inspection of equipment that includes checking winches and cables. • Install winch cables to reel in the same direction as the old cable. • Inspect winches to confirm proper reeling of the cable. • Assign two persons to perform maintenance tasks on dredges. • Block equipment against motion before performing maintenance tasks. • Label valve bank levers to indicate direction of movement. • Do not wear loose clothing when working near moving machine parts.

  36. MNM – Fatal #9 – Georgia • May 2, 2009 • Powered Haulage • Surface Clay • Front End Loader Operator • 51 Years Old • Total Exp – 8 wks • Site Exp – 8 wks • Job Exp – 8 wks • Activity – Exiting Loader

  37. MNM – Fatal #9 – Georgia • The victim parked a front-end loader on an elevated ramp with the bucket in the raised position. • An unauthorized passenger was in the cab of the loader. • When the victim exited the machine, his feet became entangled with the passenger causing him to trip onto the left rear tire. • At that time, the park brake disengaged allowing the front-end loader to drift backwards. • The victim fell and the machine backed over him.

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