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Renaissance Music

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Renaissance Music
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Renaissance Music

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  1. Renaissance Music By Phil Lavin

  2. Musical Ideas, Concepts, and Changes from the Renaissance Instrument Design Polyphony Secular Music Printed Music End

  3. Polyphony What is polyphony? • Musical composition in which two or more voices, each with their own melody, work together in a harmonic fashion. This is an example of polyphony. It is a part of a Motet by Dunstable named Quam Pulcra Es. Back End

  4. Instrument Design During the Renaissance, the way instruments were made changed. Some instruments had additions made, others were gotten rid of completely, while still others were invented. This change in the instruments allowed Renaissance composers to use instruments more and actually led to the formation of bands as we know them today. Back Next End

  5. Instrument Design cont. On the left are some examples of Renaissance instruments and on the right are some modern instruments. These show that the inginuity in instrument design didn’t simply stop after the Renaissance, but instead has carried the creativity of the Renaissance into today. Back End

  6. Secular Music The concept of secular music began in the Renaissance, and has continued into today. In fact, secular music is more common today than religious music. Back Next End

  7. Secular Music cont. Greensleeves American Pie Alas my love, ye do me wrongto cast me off discurteously:And I have loved you so long,Delighting in your companie. Greensleeves was all my joyGreensleeves was my delight:Greensleees was my heart of gold,And who but my LadieGreensleeves. I have been readie at your hand,to grant what ever you would craveI have both waged life and land,your love and good will for to have. A long, long time ago...I can still rememberHow that music used to make me smile.And I knew if I had my chanceThat I could make those people danceAnd, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.But february made me shiverWith every paper I’d deliver.Bad news on the doorstep;I couldn’t take one more step. These are examples of secular music, with lyrics from a Renaissance song on the left and lyrics from a modern day song on the right. Back End

  8. Printed Music Prior to the Renaissance, music was hand written and varied in style depending on the composer. In the Renaissance, a more uniform way of writing music was created, and has been kept to this day, as shown on the next slide. Back Next End

  9. Printed Music cont. The system for writing and printing music in the Renaissance is still used today. Back End

  10. Thank you for watching!