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Who Lives in Taiga? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who Lives in Taiga?

Who Lives in Taiga?

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Who Lives in Taiga?

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  1. Who Lives in Taiga? ХМАО ЮГРА МОУ СОШ № 38 Карташов Егор, 4 А класс 2012

  2. Siberian animals Russia is a great country. There are huge rivers, forests, valleys and great taiga here. Taiga is a Siberian forest. Let’s go to taiga and see the animals before the dark. Taiga in the night is a very dangerous place. We’ve got Nature Study today. I want tell you about some important Siberian animals. They are symbols or coat of arms of Siberian cities and regions

  3. Deer This is a deer. It is a Siberian animal and it lives there too. It’s a large strong animal. It’s got long and thick brown or grey hair, not very long legs, big meaty mouth, small yellow eyes and a tail. Deer can drop its horns in autumn.

  4. Yagel They eat yagel, grass, leaves. Wolves, wolverines, bears, wild dogs are their enemies. Deer is a very fast runner and swimmer. It can walk long, but not very fast. Deer is a sacred animal of Khanty and Manci people. They sing songs about them, read poems.

  5. Khanty song My little one, My fluffy ball It’s so good to play with you And to caress your side. The tail and the little horns, Ringing hooves, From the dew drops You take your drink.

  6. Clothes Khanty and Manci have clothes and shoes made of deer skins

  7. Khanty eat deer meat, make chooms of skins, use them as a transport.

  8. Flag and coat of arm of Ugra

  9. Beloyarskii

  10. Nizhgnevartovsk region

  11. Now have a look at a big brown bear. Bears are big, strong and dangerous because they are often hungry. It can jump, swim and run very fast. Certain bears are great tree climbers too. They sleep in winter in dens. How big can a bear be? It’s length is up to two meters and weight up to 500 kilograms. Young bears live with their mothers up to 3-4 years. It’s got a big body with brown hair, short tail, big head, small ears and small black eyes. It eats nuts, lizards, fish, berries, mushrooms, meat, honey. It’s active in the morning and afternoon. Bear

  12. Kogalym and Yugorsk

  13. Sable Now have a look at a sable. It’s a fluffy brown animal with up to 1 kilogram weight and 60 centimeters long. It looks cuddly, but it’s very dangerous . Don’t forget: it’s a great hunter . It hunts usually in the night. Sable is a great runner, climber and jumper. It eats mice, squirrels, hares and birds, nuts and berries. Lives in hollows of trees.

  14. Sable is a coast of arm of Tyumen Region

  15. Megyon and Pokachi

  16. Wolverine Wolverine looks like a bear. It is strange animal. It’s head ‘s big with a long mouth and sharp strong teeth. It’s got a long fluffy tail, brown hair with a grey stripe. One of the USA states has a name Wolverine state. Wolverine is a strong and sly animal. It’s a great runner and tree climber. Wolverine can eat everything. It ‘s a taiga cleaner. Young wolverine lives with mothers up to 2 years. It can’t be domestic.

  17. Wolf Now have a look at the grey wolf. Their weigh is 60-85 . Their weigh is 60-85 kilograms and height is 1 meter. It looks like a big domestic dog but very dangerous. It’s main weapon is strong teeth. It’s got a long and strong tail, grey hair. Young wolf’s got blue eyes but old one has yellow ones. It likes hunting at night. It’s a great hunter and meat eater.

  18. Squirrel This is a squirrel. Squirrel ‘s got fluffy brown hair in summer and grey in winter, long beautiful tail. It’s so cuddly. It can run fast and jump in trees. Squirrels eat nuts, mushrooms, berries, leaves. They live in hollows of trees.

  19. Langepas

  20. Fox Look at the fox. It’s got long body, short legs, long fluffy tail. The fox’s face is sharp, eyes are big. Its got long and fluffy winter hair. Foxes can be red, yellow, grey. Foxes live in holes under trees. They eat everything, but like eating mice, eggs, birds, chicks, rabbits, lizards, frogs, fish, berries. Usually hunts in the night and sleeps at day. It can hear and smell very well, but see badly. It’s a sly, fast animal. Grey fox is a symbol of Surgut.

  21. Coat of arm of Surgut

  22. Rules for walking in taiga Don’t walk in taiga alone. Don’t touch and catch animals. It’s a wild. It’s not domestic. Don’t come to animal babies. Don’t catch animals and take them home. They can die. Don’t let your dog to walk in taiga. It can scare animal and bird babies. Don’t burn fire. Don’t throw rubbish.