u s department of energy building energy codes program stakeholder meeting n.
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U.S. Department of Energy: Building Energy Codes Program Stakeholder Meeting

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U.S. Department of Energy: Building Energy Codes Program Stakeholder Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. Department of Energy: Building Energy Codes Program Stakeholder Meeting. David Cohan, Jeremiah Williams, Mohammed Khan, Mark Lessans Building Technologies Office April 24, 2014. BECP: Meeting Information. http://www.energycodes.gov/events/stakeholder-meeting-April-24-2014 Provides:

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Presentation Transcript
u s department of energy building energy codes program stakeholder meeting
U.S. Department of Energy: Building Energy Codes Program

Stakeholder Meeting

David Cohan, Jeremiah Williams, Mohammed Khan, Mark Lessans

Building Technologies Office

April 24, 2014

becp meeting information
BECP: Meeting Information



Today’s slides and materials.

Instructions for submitting written comments.

No need to submit written comments if you are providing them orally today.

becp statutory basis
BECP: Statutory basis

Statutory language available at:


The purposes of this subchapter, therefore, are to—

becp statutory basis1
BECP: Statutory basis

Provide for the development and implementation, as soon as practicable, of voluntary performance standards for new residential and commercial buildings which are designed to achieve the maximum practicableimprovements in energy efficiency and increases in the use of nondepletable sources of energy; and

becp statutory basis2
BECP: Statutory basis

Encourage States and local governmentsto adopt and enforce such standards throughtheir existing building codes and other construction control mechanisms, or to applythem through a special approval process.

becp statutory basis3
BECP: Statutory basis
  • Annually review the technical and economic basis of the national model building energy codes, and participate in the industry process for review and modification [42 USC 6836]
  • Seek adoption of all technologically feasible and economically justified energy efficiency measures [42 USC 6836]
  • Perform a determination of energy savings for updated editions of Standard 90.1 (commercial) and the IECC (residential) to initiate state code updates and certifications [42 USC 6833]
  • Provide technical assistance to states to implement building energy codes, including increasing and verifying compliance to ensure consumer benefits [42 USC 6833]
becp organization
BECP: Organization

Building Energy Codes Program

Statutory Requirements


Technical Assistance





becp activities framework
BECP: Activities Framework




becp activities framework1
BECP: Activities Framework


Support the building energy code and standard development, adoption, implementation and enforcement processes to achieve the maximum practicable improvements in building energy efficiency.

becp activities framework2
BECP: Activities Framework


BECP may engage in any or all of the following, as appropriate. BECP strives to always take an objective perspective, basing its activities and recommendations on publicly available analyses whenever possible. BECP activities are intended to catalyze larger change in the market; it recognizes that it does not have sufficient resources to provide everything needed to achieve its mission.

becp activities framework3
BECP: Activities Framework
  • Empower BECP and others who seek to improve energy codes by:
  • Conducting and disseminating research, technical and economic analyses, and related data
  • Creating, updating and maintaining tools and materials
  • Developing code change proposals
  • Establishing the value of energy codes among all stakeholders, including consumers
becp activities framework4
BECP: Activities Framework
  • Establish a leadership position and encourage sharing of information by convening forums for discussing:
  • State and local government activities to adopt and enforce energy codes
  • Technical and economic analysis methodologies
  • Best practices on adoption and compliance and supporting resources
  • Code development proposals
  • The future evolution of all aspects of energy codes
becp activities framework5
BECP: Activities Framework
  • Participate in processes and forums in which:
  • Energy codes are developed, discussed or approved
  • BECP can provide information of benefit to others in advancing energy codes
  • BECP can learn things beneficial to achieving its mission
becp activities framework6
BECP: Activities Framework
  • Ensure intended energy savings by:
  • Supporting state and national education, training and outreach activities, including tools and support materials, intended to increase compliance rates
  • Creating methodologies to measure compliance and associated savings and provide scientifically defensible results
  • Conducting compliance and energy savings measurement studies
becp activities framework7
BECP: Activities Framework

BECP will always prioritize its activities to maximize its impact given available budget and resources. This means it may not undertake some activities even when they would benefit the program and mission.

becp activities framework8
BECP: Activities Framework
  • BECP does NOT:
  • Support activities that weaken energy codes or otherwise conflict with its mission to improve energy codes.
  • Undertake initiatives which conflict with federal regulatory activities.
  • Provide analysis for third-party proposals except at BECP’s discretion when doing so directly supports BECP’s own program goals.
becp rescheck comcheck policy
BECP: REScheck/COMcheck Policy
  • Link:
  • http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2014-03-18/pdf/2014-05952.pdf
  • Two key provisions:
  • BECP will not provide a custom version of REScheck or COMcheck for State or local codes that provide less energy savings than the current versions of the national model codes
  • BECP will maintain on its website REScheck and COMcheck versions based on the current model code and the two previous versions of the model code.

Visit us at: energycodes.gov

U.S. Department of EnergyOffice of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Building Technologies Office

Building Energy Codes Program

David.Cohan: david.cohan@ee.doe.gov

Jeremiah Williams: jeremiah.williams@ee.doe.gov

Mohammed Khan: mohammed.khan@ee.doe.gov

Mark Lessans: mark.lessans@ee.doe.gov