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Information Literacy by Mariah Germosen

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Information Literacy by Mariah Germosen. What comes to your mind when you think about the word EXCITE?. The real meaning of EXCITE. verb Definition : inspire ; upset

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information literacy by mariah germosen
Information Literacy


Mariah Germosen

the real meaning of excite
The real meaning of EXCITE
  • verb
  • Definition: inspire; upset
  • Synonyms: accelerate, agitate,amaze, anger, animate, annoy, arouse, astound,awaken, bother, chafe, delight, discompose, disturb, electrify, elicit, energize, evoke, feed the fire, fire, fluster, foment, galvanize, goad, incite, induce, inflame, infuriate, instigate, intensify, irritate, jar, jolt, kindle, madden, mock,move, offend, precipitate, provoke, quicken, rouse, start, stimulate, stir up, taunt, tease, thrill, titillate, touch off, vex,wake up, waken, warm, whet, work up, worry
the birth of excite com
The Birth of EXCITE.COM
  • The popular public search engine Excite began life as a project called Architext created by six Stanford undergraduates in February 1993.
  • Their idea was to use statistical analysis of world relationships in order to provide more efficient searches through the large amount of information on the Internet.
  • Their project was fully funded by mid-1993. Once funding was secured, they released a version of their search software for webmasters to use on their own web sites.
  • The software today is called Excite for Web Servers.
what is excite com
  • Excite is the leading personalization Web portal, featuring world-class search, content and functionality. From financial portfolios to sports scores, local weather, etc…
  • Can be personalized: to use your personalized Excite home page and take advantage of some of the features like: email, chat, boards and portfolios you must register as a member and create a username and password.
  • Registration is 100% free
search engines history
Search Engines History

2003 – Microsoft redux

2001 – Goodbye GoTo, hello Overture

2000 – Some Web expertise

1999 – A winning search concept

1999 – Now that’s fast!

1998 – Its a hit! DirectHit

1998 – And in the other corner... MSN

1998 – And in this corner… Google

1998 – The Open (source) Directory Project

1997 – Ask Jeeves, the butler did it

1997 – GoTo, What do I bid?

1996 – LookSmart – the Australian connection

1996 – HotBot, one hot bot!

1995/96 – The Northern Light

1995 – AltaVista

1995 – The Meta-search

1994-95 – InfoSeek

1994 – Lycos

1994 – The WebCrawler

1994 – Yahoo!

1994 – A Galaxy of web pages

1993 – The birth of Excite - Second oldest Web Search Engine

1993 - AliWeb -The Web’s oldest existing search engine

1993 – The first web robot

1993 - Archie’s pal, Jughead

1993 - Veronica, the grandmother of search engines

1989 - Archie, the grandfather of all search engines

my learning experience with excite com
My learning experience with
  • Excite is one of the smaller search engines.
  • The Excite database had been used in the past by Netscape and AOL Netfind. Netscape has moved to a combination of the Open Directory and Google. AOL Netfind started using Inktomi in August 1999.
  • Strengths:

Offers excellent relevant results for very popular queries

Its News Search provides important access to Web versions of newspapers, magazines, and news wires.

  • Weaknesses:

Smaller database

Webpage design kind of outdated and dull

Slow search

Excite is no longer a separate search engine. As of Dec. 17, 2001, ceased searching its own database. It now gives Overture paid positioning results and then Inktomi results from Overture. The directory is now the Open Directory. The news search uses Dogpile's meta news search.