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Information Literacy. Dr. Cathy Dwyer Spring 2013. What is computer literacy?. Your definition?. What is computer literacy?.

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Information literacy

Information Literacy

Dr. Cathy DwyerSpring 2013

What is computer literacy
What is computer literacy?

  • Your definition?

What is computer literacy1
What is computer literacy?

  • From MIS3 “Computer literacy is skill in using productivity software, such as word processors, spreadsheets, database management systems, and presentation software, as well as having a basic knowledge of hardware and software, the Internet, and collaboration tools and technologies.”

What is information literacy1
What is information literacy?

  • From MIS3 “Information literacy is understanding the role of information in generating and using business intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) … provides historical, current, and predictive views of business operations and environments and gives organizations a competitive advantage.”

What is information literacy2
What is information literacy?

  • My definition: you have the confidence and the skills to be able to research a technical topic you know nothing about, and be able to write a clear description that can be understood and acted upon by colleagues, co-workers/supervisors etc.

Rules for technical writing
Rules for Technical Writing

  • All acronyms are spelled out the first time they are references, and then the acronyms are used for the rest of the paper

  • All jargon or unfamiliar terms are defined when first referenced

  • Short clear sentences work best – subject verb object

  • Use tangible clear language – do NOT use “sometimes,” “some people,” “most people,” “everyone,” “very” or “important”

Why is information literacy important
Why is information literacy important?

  • Innovations related to technology are affecting all professions, triggering changes on a regular basis.

  • Example – when was the iPad introduced?

  • You will be working in fields driven by innovation. Your ability to quickly learn about these innovations and apply them to your work environment will give you a strategic advantage in the workplace

  • Two parts – you understand the technology. You can make someone else understand it through your explanation (this part is harder).

An example security vulnerability revealed in java
An example: Security vulnerability revealed in Java

  • NYTimes:

  • Slate:

Other posts
Other posts

  • From CVE at Mitre (naming standard for vulnerabilities)

  • FireEyepost (computer security firm)

Java exploit follow up
Java exploit follow up

  • What questions/implications does this episode trigger?

  • What information sources/methods can be helpful in understanding this issue?