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Building Character . Chapter 2. Group Presentations!. Brenna and Bailey S. Character and Values. Autumn and Sheyanne. Character as your guide, responsibility, and listening. Emma and Marissa . Citizenship. Taking Responsible Actions. Chapter 3. Making Responsible Decisions.

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Brenna and bailey s
Brenna and Bailey S

Character and Values

Autumn and sheyanne
Autumn and Sheyanne

Character as your guide, responsibility, and listening

Emma and marissa
Emma and Marissa


Making responsible decisions
Making Responsible Decisions

  • Automatic decisions

  • Complicated decisions

  • Decision Making – act of making a choice

    • Helps you achieve personal goals

    • Helps plan for the future

  • Continuous process to use problem solving and decision making skills

What influences decisions
What influences decisions?

  • Family

  • Culture

  • Friends

  • Values

  • Resources

  • Demographics

  • Needs

  • Wants

  • Society

Learning from good decisions
Learning from Good Decisions

  • Improved Self-esteem

  • Increased respect from people around you

  • Independence shows responsibility

Considering consequences
Considering Consequences

  • Minor vs major

  • Personal decisions ma alter the direction in your life

Responsible leadership
Responsible Leadership

  • Leader – person who has influence over and guides a group

    • Groups must have leaders and followers

  • Leadership – ability to lead

Leadership skills
Leadership Skills

  • Management

  • Motivation

  • Communication

  • Problem-solving

Leadership test
Leadership Test!!!

Answer: Seldom –S, Often –O , Always - A


  • I am honest.

  • I do not deceive, cheat, or steal.

  • I do what I say I’ll do.

  • I have the courage to do the right thing.

  • I build a good reputation.

  • I stand by my family, friends, and country.


  • I treat others with respect and follow the “Golden Rule.”

  • I am tolerant of differences.

  • I use good manners, not bad language.

  • I am considerate of others’ feelings.

  • I do not threaten, hit, or hurt anyone.

  • I deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements.


  • I do what I am supposed to do.

  • I persevere (I keep on trying).

  • I always do my best.

  • I use self-control. I am self-disciplined.

  • I think about consequences before I act.

  • I am accountable for my choices.


  • I play by the rules.

  • I take turns and share.

  • I am open-minded. I listen to others.

  • I do not take advantage of others.

  • I do not blame others carelessly.


  • I am kind.

  • I am compassionate and show I care.

  • I express gratitude.

  • I forgive others.

  • I help people in need.


  • I do my share to make my school and community better.

  • I cooperate.

  • I stay informed.

  • I am a good neighbor.

  • I obey laws and rules.

  • I respect authority.

  • I protect the environment.

How do you rate
How do you rate?

  • Count how many always you chose:

  • 0-15 always: Character counts for leadership success. Now’s the time to adopt positive actions and attitudes.

  • 15-30 always: You know what it takes to be a person of good character. Keep trying to “do the right thing” every time.

  • 30-35 always: Your good character will take you far. Keep at it!

Leadership poster
Leadership Poster

  • Define the word leader

  • Define the word leadership

  • Include 20 skills that a POSITIVE leader must have to be successful

  • On the back – list 5 things that “kills” a good leader

  • Add your name