can you reach the standard n.
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Can You Reach the Standard? PowerPoint Presentation
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Can You Reach the Standard?

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Can You Reach the Standard? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Can You Reach the Standard?
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  1. Can You Reach the Standard? a “test your knowledge” quiz Directions: Click on the button below the correct answer for each question. If you are right, you will be taken to the next challenge however, if you are wrong be prepared for some shock treatment!

  2. Question #1 True or False – What you teach in terms of technology should be guided by the resources you have available. TRUE FALSE

  3. Question #2 Knowing how to use technology research tools and technology communication tools are two examples of… NETS - Students NETS - Teachers

  4. Question #3 Which of the following is the most advantageous way to use the technology standards? To guide what to teach on technology Fridays. To guide integration of technology with content area standards. To keep students busy when they have completed their work.

  5. Question #4 In an elementary classroom, students are learning to write “how to” paragraphs. They’re assignment is to write a “how to” paragraph about saving work on the computer to a disk. This fits best with which NETS-S? Basic operations and concepts. Technology research tools. Social, ethical, and human issues.

  6. Question #5 A high school art teacher wants to integrate two standards: “Technology productivity tools” and “Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and culture.” Which of the following best represents a purposeful activity that focuses on active learning? Showing a Powerpoint while giving a lecture. Having students research artwork from the past then give a report to the class. Allowing students to create a website dedicated to a certain historical theme in visual artistry.

  7. Question #6 A middle school Physical Education teacher uses a digital video to show students different serving techniques in volleyball. This is an example of which NETS-T? SOCIAL, ETHICAL, LEGAL, AND HUMAN ISSUES. PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. TEACHING, LEARNING, AND THE CURRICULUM.

  8. Question #7 Bookmarking appropriate sites from which students should gather research information from the Internet is an example of which NETS-T? TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS AND CONCEPTS. SOCIAL, ETHICAL, LEGAL, AND HUMAN ISSUES. ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION.

  9. Congratulations!You’re up to the STANDARD!!