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Picasa. The Swiss army knife for digital pictures. Picasa – Outline of the Workshop. Overview Installation Move the pictures to your computer Search your computer Organize your pictures Edit your pictures Share your pictures Appendix. Picasa.

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The Swiss army knife for digital pictures

picasa outline of the workshop
Picasa – Outline of the Workshop
  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Move the pictures to your computer
  • Search your computer
  • Organize your pictures
  • Edit your pictures
  • Share your pictures
  • Appendix
  • Wikipedia defines Picasa as:an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharingwebsite, originally created by a company named Lifescape[2] (which at that time may have resided at Idealab) in 2002 and owned by Google since 2004.[3] "Picasa" is a blend of the name of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the phrase mi casa for "my house", and "pic" for pictures (personalized art).[3][4] In July 2004, Google acquired Picasa and began offering it as a free download.[3]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picasa
  • A Google search for “Get started with Picasa web albums” returned about 960,000,000 results (0.27 seconds) that’s a little overwhelming, but gives you an idea of what’s available. The same search on YouTube returned about 2,830 results(http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Get+started+with+picasa+web+albums&aq=f)
  • YouTube is an excellent source for information on almost any subject. If you want to check it out go to www.youtube.com and search for “how do I change a light bulb” that will get you over 2000 hits.
picasa overview download
Picasa – overviewDownload

Download Picasa

  • Step by step Get it Here
picasa overview install
Picasa – overviewInstall

Step thru the check boxes.

picasa move your pictures put your pictures on your computer
Picasa – Move your pictures Put your pictures on your computer
  • Moving pictures to your PC. There’s a ton of videos here that will walk you thru the steps of getting your pictures on the computer. Try search for your particular camera model if need specific instructions.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOLkoX0BJek&feature=fvwrel
  • 4.5 minutes
picasa organize your pictures
Picasa – Organize your pictures
  • David Casuto shows us how to organize the pictures
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drf6OTywF6E&feature=player_embedded
picasa edit your pictures looking good
Picasa –Edit your picturesLooking good

Edit your pictures

From Michael R. Mosall II Photography


6 minutes


3.5 minutes


5 minutes

picasa share your pictures
Picasa – Share your pictures









Collages, Movies, and Slideshows:


picasa appendix
Picasa- Appendix
  • Use Picasa to back your photos up


  • Use Picasa to find duplicates
  • http://picasatutorials.com/2010/01/picasa-tip-finding-duplicate-pictures/