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Picasa Editing Software

Picasa Editing Software

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Picasa Editing Software

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  1. Picasa Editing Software EME6205 Tricia Sproule Grades 4th and 5th-Editing Photos and Creating a Digital Story

  2. I’ve taken my photos for the digital story, what next? • Attach camera to the computer with USB cable or card reader. • Click the Import button.

  3. Choosing and Editing photosBasic Fixes • Double click on a photo to access the editing function. • To the left there are 3 editing tabs: basic fixes, tuning, and effects. • Under basic fixes you can crop, remove red eye, retouch, and more. The example shows how I removed the red eye just by clicking red eye and clicking apply. • Don’t forget to save any changes you make throughout the project!!!

  4. Tuning • Under the tuning tab, I was able to change the lighting, highlights and shadow of the picture by sliding the slider under fill light, shadow, and highlights to the middle.

  5. Effects • In using the Effects tab, you can be more creative with your photos. • In this example, I chose the picture. • Then it will show you different ways to alter your picture on the left hand side. • I chose the soften function to enhance the falls while the greenery is softer looking and not as sharp.

  6. Creating the Movie • Select the photos you would like to put into the movie by double clicking on them. The photos will show up in the photo tray in the lower left hand corner. • After you select each photo, click on the green push pin to hold the selection. You will need to click, back to the library to get more pictures.

  7. Movie Cont. • After you have selected the photos, click the movie button. • Click the slide tab at the top left hand side and enter the title of your movie in the square box. • You can also change the font, size, and color. • To add music, click on the movie tab, then load. Choose music folder, and double click your selection. • Transition styles can be changed. • When finished, click on create movie. • It will begin to create the movie in draft mode. It may take a few minutes to create. • I have put all of the pictures in the assignment to give you an example. Mine does not tell a story, remember yours must tell a story. • You need to add at least 7-10 photos.

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