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Module 2 Unit 4: Business Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Module 2 Unit 4: Business Services

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Module 2 Unit 4: Business Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DEED WorkForce Center Reception and Resource Area Certification Program. Module 2 Unit 4: Business Services. Unit Competency Statement and Learning Objectives. Competency Statement:

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DEEDWorkForce CenterReception and Resource Area Certification Program

Module 2

Unit 4: Business


unit competency statement and learning objectives
Unit Competency Statement and Learning Objectives

Competency Statement:

Understand how to leverage the relationship between Business Services, WFC staff and job seekers.

Learning Objectives:

Business Service overview

Working with employers



Responding to increasing business concerns with staying globally competitive, our Commissioner requested more workforce development resources to assist small- to medium-sized businesses (2004).

Result: Redirected 1/3 of federal Wagner Peyser resources to create Business Services Specialists (BSS) team.

BSS expansion of existing Employer Services: targeted outreach to key industries, expand business use of public workforce system, connect all business to local and regional resources.


Provide workforce development solutions

to businesses and connect businesses to local

business assistance networks.

consultation approach
Consultation Approach
  • Identify businesses who are hiring (LMI, WIB)
  • Request and meet with decision maker(s)
  • Visit businesses:
    • Face to face meetings
    • Assess current hiring needs
    • Discuss current business issues
    • Establish single point of contact
    • Provide resources (workforce and options to resolve issues)
workforce development services and solutions
Workforce Development Services and Solutions
  • Hire and recruit employees:
    • Provide incentives to hire from the WorkForce Center
    • Author and edit job descriptions
    • Promote and educate on
    • Connect employers with job seekers
    • Prescreen candidates in coordination with WFC
    • Recruit for Employer of the Day
    • Job fairs and special events
    • Set up internships, apprenticeships (DOL), etc
    • Special initiatives (Camps to Careers, Mentoring Day, Veterans Fair)
workforce development services continued
Workforce Development Services Continued
  • Retention, education and general business needs
    • Accommodations (Connect to DOLI, WFC programs)
    • Aversion to layoff (Shared Work, change in business, other)
    • Customized training (MNSCU and ABE)
  • Basic human resource assistance
    • Employment law questions
  • Labor market information
    • Salary and wage information
    • Trends
    • Publications
business outcomes
Business Outcomes

Save time and money…

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced liability
  • Stronger workforce
  • Single point of contact for solutions


  • Workforce development
  • Business development
  • Economic development
  • Global connections (Minnesota Trade Office
  • Education (ABE, MNSCU, U o M, private institutions)
initiative outcomes
Initiative Outcomes
  • As of 2010, BS has provided over 40,000

services to businesses since 2005

    • Hiring and recruitment
    • Training
    • Retention
    • Other business needs
    • Identified crucial skill shortages and


  • 40+ regional, statewide, and national projects
  • Satisfied customers
    • 98% of businesses would refer/have referred

According to CNN:

Over 80% of today’s jobs

are NOT advertised

business service specialist bss
Business Service Specialist (BSS)

Approximately 40 BSS are located at offices throughout the state.

BSS provide practical business solutions for finding and hiring new employees, retaining employees, accessing training resources, and general human resource information.

business services overview key points
Business Services Overview KEY POINTS
  • Business Services provides workforce development services: Hire and recruit employees; retention, education and general business needs; basic human resources assistance; labor market information.
  • Business Service Specialist work to build relationships with employers by providing practical business and workforce solutions.

Working with


discussion point
Discussion Point

Scenario: Employer walks into the WFC, what do you do?

employer s perspective of the wfc
Employer’s Perspective of the WFC

The WorkForce Center is viewed as an economical and valued resource.

Find workers

Meeting rooms

Phones, email and fax

Mass recruiting


Information on starting a


Speak to job seekers or job club


how to help staff assistance
How To Help: Staff Assistance
  • Follow the customer service protocol:
    • Determine if the customer is a job seeker or an employer
  • Provide available resources:
    • BSS contact information
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit and

Federal Bonding Program information

    • Employer of the Day
    • Publications (How to Start a Business, etc.)
  • Pass employer information onto BSS
  • Inform employers about or assist with Employer of the Day
employer of the day eod
Employer Of The Day (EOD)

What is it?

An employer stationed at WFC to recruit job seekers.

What is your role in this process:

First, these activities should be coordinated with the BSS and site representative.

Find out what the protocol is at your site.

Offer a conference room and possibly an interviewing space.

Get the message out about EOD event.

Inform job seekers about the EOD event.

Most importantly, welcome employers when they arrive and direct them where they need to go.

customer service protocol
Customer Service Protocol
  • Welcome
  • Assess needs
  • Confirm needs
  • Take action

Inquire about services

Repeat what you heard

Direct employers to BSS,, and

ensure employers that a BSS

will contact them within 24


working with employers key points
Working with Employers KEY POINTS
  • Employers view the WorkForce Center as an economical and valued resource.
  • How to help: Follow the customer service protocol; provide list of resources; pass employer information onto the BSS; promote and assist with Employer of the Day event.
  • By following customer service protocol: employers should be advised that a BSS will contact them within 24 hours.
discussion point1
Discussion Point

How do you connect job seekers to employers?


“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

- Vince Lombardi

1. a working together: the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something (Encarta online).

separate entities
Separate Entities


- Jobs


- Services



- Staff

Job Seekers

- Talent

connecting job seekers
Connecting Job Seekers

By promoting employer activities, Business Services and job seekers workforce development efforts are unified.

  • Promoting Employer of the Day
  • Distribute hiring flyers and post job opening
  • Leverage
    • Resumes
    • Maintain account
    • Check on recruitments
    • Internships and volunteer


  • Job fairs
  • Networking groups
  • BSS critique resumes or speak

about topic of interest to groups

posting jobs on minnesotaworks net
Posting Jobs on

Posting jobs on bulletin boards and are important activities for making connections

  • If an employer calls a WFC to post a job on…
    • Inquire about employer’s account status
    • If an account is not established, provide employer with information and explain that an BSS will be in touch within 24 hours.
    • Pass employer information onto BSS.
  • Inquire about job flyers to post on bulletin boards.
  • WFC staff can enter jobs, if time permits.
connections key points
Connections KEY POINTS
  • Collaboration between employers, BSS, WFC staff and jobseekers strengthens relationship building efforts.
  • Posting jobs and resumes are essential activities to connecting job seekers with employers.
  • Staffs can assist employers by entering jobs into or by helping them with the process.

This completes

training for Module 2, Unit 4.

Learning Objective 1: Business Service Overview

Learning Objective 2: Working with Employers

Learning Objective3: Connections