C i 204 classroom management
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C&I 204: Classroom Management. October 10, 2011. Today’s Class. Discuss Teacher Responsibilities for management. Explore teacher resources Discuss responses to classroom situations Discuss Classroom Management Inquiry Group assignment. Objectives. All objectives have been reviewed.

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Today s class
Today’s Class

  • Discuss Teacher Responsibilities for management.

  • Explore teacher resources

  • Discuss responses to classroom situations

  • Discuss Classroom Management Inquiry Group assignment


  • All objectives have been reviewed.

  • Revision

    • Leave my comments

    • Use a different color font for your revisions

    • Save in your dropbox

    • Indicate which you will be using for you plan

Next step assessment
Next Step- Assessment

  • Determine a Formative and Summative assessment for an objective of your choosing. Submit in the following format:

    • Objective

    • Formative Assessment

    • Summative Assessment (If it is some type of performance assessment, briefly explain the criteria that you will be looking for in the performance)

  • Save as an Assessment document in your Dropbox

List it
List it…

  • Make a list of all of the classroom teacher responsibilities that are key to building a classroom learning community. (Even if you have not done the reading, list some things you imagine would be needed)



    • The teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

An effective teacher
An effective teacher….

  • Encourages clear procedures and expectations that ensure students assume responsibility for themselves and others, work collaboratively and independently, and engage in purposeful learning activities.

  • Engages students by relating lessons to students’ personal interests, allowing students to have choices in their learning, and leading students to ask questions and solve problems that are meaningful to them.

  • Organizes, allocates, and manages time, space and activities in a way that is conducive to learning.

  • Organizes, prepares students for, and monitors independent and group work that allows for full and varied participation of all individuals.

  • Analyzes classroom environment and interactions and makes adjustments to enhance  social relationships, student motivation/engagement and productive work.

C i 204 classroom management

Classroom management = __________

  • Creating a learning environment (safe, respectful and supportive)

  • Having clear, high expectations for all of your learners

  • Encouraging positive social interaction

  • Active engagement in learning

  • Teaching students to be self-motivated and involved

C i 204 classroom management


Critical Teacher Behaviors

Smoothness & Momentum

Communicating Expectations

Varying and challenging work

Make a connection
Make a Connection

What do the Critical Teacher Behaviors have to do with lesson planning??? (Or… why is Dana so extremely picky about how our objectives are written and the quality of our assessments????)

Turn and talk

Inquiry process
Inquiry Process

  • Topics based on student curiosity, questions, interests

  • Dig deeply into complex, authentic topics that matter

  • Flexible grouping

  • Student responsibility with peer leadership

  • Use of proficient reader/thinker researcher strategies

  • Draws on multigenre, multimedia resources

  • Going beyond fact-finding to synthesizing and applying knowledge

  • Actively using knowledge: take action, share, go public

  • Match learning to state and district curriculum

Why inquiry
Why Inquiry?

  • Focuses on children’s natural inquisitiveness

  • Student control, responsibility and choice increases self-efficacy and is motivating

  • Helps develop problem-solving skills

  • Students are engaged in authentic, meaningful learning experiences

  • Small group interactions are “life-like”

  • Allows for differentiated instruction

  • Develops proficient readers and thinkers

Classroom management inquiry groups
Classroom Management Inquiry Groups

  • Guidelines are posted on the Wiki

C i 204 classroom management

  • Discipline with Dignity (Richard Curwin & Allen Mendler)

  • Assertive Discipline (Lee & Marlene Canter)

  • Discipline without Stress, Punishment, or Rewards (Marvin Marshall)

  • Beyond Discipline (Alfie Kohn)

  • The First Days of School (Harry Wong)

  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

  • Love and Logic (Jim & Charles Fay)

  • The Choice Theory (William Glasser)


  • Work in groups of 4 and discuss the at least 3 scenarios

  • Discuss how you would respond

  • Decide what an Effective Teacher would do to keep the behavior from occurring in the first place.

  • Use the resources to see what they say

Next time
Next Time

  • Bring Clickers

  • Read text, Ch. 10 Managing Student Behavior

  • Review Ch. 9, pp, 235-248, Rules, Procedures, Reinforcing Positive Behaviors


  • Revise your objectives

  • Submit your assessments. I will get your objectives and assessments back to you and we will start lesson planning

  • CM Presentations will be November 8 & 10

  • Look for Blog #3 to be done by next Wednesday, October 19.