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Zombie Apocaplypse

Zombie Apocaplypse. Dustin. Starring. Jordan. Cambell. Tyler. It was just another boring day in school. I am billerr. ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Moooaaannn…(and stuff). I’m out of here!. The End.

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Zombie Apocaplypse

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Zombie Apocaplypse Dustin Starring... Jordan Cambell Tyler

  2. It was just another boring day in school.. I am billerr.

  3. ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moooaaannn…(and stuff)

  4. I’m out of here!

  5. The End Dustin, Campbell, and Tyler were changed into zombies, who later tried to kill Jordan. Jordan was the lone survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse. He lived on to rule the world.

  6. Dude whats up with your head? … Nothin… Whats wrong with it? Ah…Deep space!

  7. Adghat7rtja adfh wsguskjh ‘tfghja K… Woah hardcore. …

  8. Decongestion? ?... No…its like I’m being pulled somewh- Do you feel that? AAAHHHHH!!!!!

  9. The End And so Dustin and Campbell were pulled unwillingly into the depths of a black hole…into a parallel universe…where our next story begins…

  10. Wth? Where are we? Wisconsin?

  11. DUSTIN!! NOOOOOO!!! Mwahaha i is 3V!L

  12. AAAAHHHH!!!!!! He got away! Ya so? I shall avenge him! Who are you? You killed Dustin! I is an evil ninja

  13. I am everywhere Only if you wish to die Where is he?? I will Avenge Dustins death!!! Show yourself!!!!!!!!!

  14. Then DIE!! AVENGE DUSTIN!! I will…. ? (he has power!) You are fast..

  15. You can’t escape this world. I killed him! But how do I get back home? You certainly are fast. Who are YOU?

  16. *GASP* NO! I am your death.

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