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STRESS MANAGEMENT. Pages 94-97 Teen Health (Nevada Edition). Mr. McCarthy Rogich MS. This Lesson Will Cover :. Part 1- Stress definitions Part 2- Fight-or-Flight Response Part 3- Stress-Related Health Problems Part 4- Tips for Managing Stress.

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    1. STRESS MANAGEMENT Pages 94-97 TeenHealth (Nevada Edition) Mr. McCarthy Rogich MS

    2. ThisLessonWillCover: Part 1- Stress definitions Part 2- Fight-or-Flight Response Part 3- Stress-Related Health Problems Part 4- Tips for Managing Stress

    3. Learning to manage stressis an important life skill Let’s learn what stress is … and how to manage it

    4. DEFINITIONS: STRESS: Your body’s response to real or imagined dangers or other life events.

    5. Lookatthedefinition… • Sometimes we stress about realstuff • Sometimes we stress about stuff that is notrealor has not even happened yet!

    6. Lookatthedefinition… • Various “life events” can stress us out • Sometimes it’s one big, major event • Sometimes it’s a bunch of small, repeated events

    7. DEFINITIONS: EUSTRESS: Positive stress That’s right! Positivelife events can actually be very stressful.

    8. EXAMPLES OF EUSTRESS: • Winning the lottery • Getting a new job • Getting married • Having a baby • Going on “first date” • Learning to drive • A big sporting event • Get a new pet

    9. DEFINITIONS: DISTRESS: Negative stress All sorts of negative life events can be really stressful.

    10. EXAMPLES OF DISTRESS: • Family problems • Moving to a new school • Argue with a friend • Someone you care about dies • Fired from job • Getting in a fight • You get a severe illness • Going to the dentist

    11. DEFINITIONS: STRESSOR: Anything that causes stress

    12. REMEMBER: What stresses one person out may not even bother another person

    13. DEFINITIONS: FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT: The process (response) by which the body prepares to respond to threats or deal with a stressor

    14. There’s a scientific reason… • When you get stressed out, notice how you feel different. • That’s called the “fight or flight” response.

    15. Fight or Flight: • Your body prepares to stand up and face the threat (fight) … • or run away (flight)

    16. DEFINITIONS: ADRENALINE: The hormone that gives the body extra energy

    17. Adrenaline is what makes you feel the temporary extra energy you get when you are under stress

    18. THE FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT RESPONSE: • Adrenaline produced • Increased heart rate • Increased sweating • Blood pressure rises • Blood sugar rises (continued...)

    19. THE FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT RESPONSE • Breathing speeds up • Pupils in the eyes dilate (widen) • Increased mental activity and emotions • More blood is sent to skeletal muscles from abdomen, which increases muscle strength and messes up digestion

    20. Are you paying attention ? Don’t make me get stressed out !

    21. What kinds of health problems can unmanaged stress cause?

    22. UNMANAGEDSTRESSCANLEADTO: • Headaches • Upset stomach and ulcers • High blood pressure

    23. UNMANAGEDSTRESSCANLEADTO: • Back Pain • Sleeping Problems • Heart Disease

    24. UNMANAGEDSTRESSCANLEADTO: • Weight gain and diabetes • Unable to mentally focus

    25. UNMANAGEDSTRESSCANLEADTO: • Socially irritable • Relationship problems • Job problems

    26. Defense Mechanisms • Denial- You refuse to face a feeling you do not want to accept. Ex. Harry tells him he doesn’t care about the divorce • Projection-You pretend someone else is having these feelings. Ex. Harry tells everyone that his sister is really upset about the divorce. • Displacement- You take your feelings out on soeone other than the person who hurt you. Ex. Harry picks a fight with his best friend rather than confront his parents. • Sublimination- You redirect your feelings into some other, more positive way. Ex. Harry focuses on his schoolwork to avoid thinking about the divorce.

    27. UNMANAGEDSTRESSCANLEADTO: • Feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness, depression • Drug and alcohol abuse

    28. UNMANAGEDSTRESSCANLEADTO: • Other physical, mental, emotional, and social health issues! • Can’t fight off diseases as well

    29. Now we know what stress is and how it affects us Let’s look at ways to manage stress !


    31. 1. Don’t worry about things you can’t control If you can’t change it or control it, will worrying about it help?

    32. 2. Preparefor stressful situations to the best of your ability. • Get ready! • Plan ahead. • Do what you can now to make things less stressful later on.

    33. 3. Approach change with a positive attitude. • Change is a part of life. • Your attitude determines how you will approach the situation.

    34. 4. Keep your sense of humor. Sometimes you need to laugh at the crazy things that happen in life

    35. 5. Work to resolveconflictswith other people. • Compromise. • Work things out with people to avoid arguments

    36. 6. Ask for help from family, friends, and others when you need it. • Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. • It is a sign of maturity and growth.

    37. 7. Set realistic goals for yourself. If your goals are not realistic, you will notreachthem and get discouraged.

    38. 8. Try getting involved in sports, hobbies, or social events. You can meet new people, have fun, and get your mind off your troubles

    39. 9. Exercise on a regular basis. Exercise burns off extra blood sugar and helps relieve tension.

    40. 10. Eatwell-balanced, nutritiousmeals. The right nutrients help your body handle stress better.

    41. 11. Get enough sleep and rest. You cannot deal with stress if you are sleep deprived

    42. 12. Practice good time management skills. • Be on time. • Do not procrastinate. • Don’t put important tasks off until later.

    43. 13. Consider yoga, stretching, meditation,and other relaxation techniques. • We are all different. • Find a technique which works for you.

    44. 14. Avoid too much sugar, caffeine, tobacco, and other stimulants. • You are already over-stimulated! • Do not throw gasoline on the fire!

    45. 15. Reward yourself! Go have some fun! • Having fun and letting off steam is important for your mental and emotional health. • Hard work deserves rewards.

    46. In which areas of stress management do you do a good job?

    47. In which areas of stress management do you need to improve ?

    48. You don’t want to end up looking like me, do you? Too much stress is harmful to your health and well-being