Learning outcome 3 creative industries video game sector
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Learning Outcome 3 Creative Industries Video Game Sector. By Ryan Hutchison. Technological Impact.

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Learning outcome 3 creative industries video game sector

Learning Outcome 3Creative IndustriesVideo Game Sector


Ryan Hutchison

Technological impact
Technological Impact

  • A main improved that has been made in the video game sector the graphics cards that is installed in platforms so that they can run the game. The reason that the graphic cards are gradually improving is because newer games are getting more detailed so there is a need to improve the graphics cards so that the platforms are able to play the games. You can change the detail of the game in the options of a game but if you wish to play a game with higher detail then you will require a better graphics card. A way that you know if you have a game that needs a specific type of graphics card is that it tells you what type of card you need to play the game but another way to figure it out is if you are playing a game and your game is jumpy or ‘laggy’ then it could mean that you will need to turn down the graphics of the game or get a better graphics card.

Key legal issues
Key legal Issues

  • The legal issues that are related to the video game sector is the music and sounds that they use are ones they made themselves or if they want to pay for the use of someone else music, There is also the legal issues that once the game has been distributed that they owners of that game aren’t allowed to make illegal copies of the game and then sell them for personal gain, Another legal issues there is that the company can’t take parts for different games that they weren’t part of and use it in their game, unless two companies are working together to make a game and they have been given permission.

Health and safety issues
Health and Safety Issues

  • The main health and safety issues that are in the video games industries is that you are staring at a screen all this time when you are creating, testing or playing a game which in the long run will damage your eyes, in some cases there you can damage your eyes a lot because of too much staring at a screen. Your health is also at risk in the video game industries because you are sitting down like all the time when you are making, testing or playing the a game and this could have bad consequences on your body, you may start getting bigger without exercise, you could also die if you play video too long without doing anything else.

Business and financial support
Business and Financial Support

  • Starting up

  • Grow & Improve

  • Finance

  • Manage your business

  • Sales & marketing

  • Employing People

Industry and professional associations
Industry and Professional Associations

  • TIGA is the non-profit trade association representing the UK's games industry. Our members include independent games developers, in-house publisher-owned developers, outsourcing companies, technology businesses and universities.