Cops october 2012 update to rms 11 14 2012
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COPS OCTOBER 2012 UPDATE TO RMS 11/14/2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COPS OCTOBER 2012 UPDATE TO RMS 11/14/2012. Harika Basaran, Chair Tony Marsh, Vice Chair. COPS MAJOR DISCUSSION ITEMS. ERCOT’s proposal-Method for Paying Small Amounts: Applies only to Default, Late Fee, and Misc Invoices .

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Cops october 2012 update to rms 11 14 2012


Harika Basaran, Chair

Tony Marsh, Vice Chair

Cops major discussion items

ERCOT’s proposal-Method for Paying Small Amounts:

  • Applies only to Default, Late Fee, and Misc Invoices.

  • If the amount due to MP is < $50, money will be deposited to the Pre-pay account.

  • MP can request wire of the funds in prepay account any time via e-mail to ERCOT Credit.

  • COPS agreed to ERCOT’s proposal.

  • MPs must e-mail ERCOT each time when they have an amount less than $50 if they want the money to be wired.

  • Default action by ERCOT will be to put the amount in the Prepay Account.

  • ERCOT will set up prepay account for each entity if they don’t have already.

  • Daily ACL report has the balance of the prepay account.

Nprr 377 alternate inputs to base point deviation charge
NPRR 377 Alternate Inputs to Base Point deviation Charge

  • This NPRR aligns the Adjusted Aggregated Base Point (AABP) formula with the inputs to the Generation Resource Energy Deployment Performance (GREDP) measure. The current formula for AABP inaccurately assesses Base Point Deviation Charges for under and over generation when shortened Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) intervals occur.

  • The GREDP inputs are linearly ramped 5 minute data points as follows:

  • AVGBP5M – Base Point instruction

  • AVGREGUP5M, AVGREGDN5M, AVGREG5M – Regulation Instructions1

  • AVGTG5M – Telemetered Generation

  • Current design is to include the 5 minute data for the above listed billing determinants in the existing Market Input Header and Market Input Interval tables.

  • Number of columns will increase from 100 to 300.

  • Some MPs concern is that too much data pushed in one table which may slow down data queries/uploads.

  • COPS voted NO on this item so that ERCOT will NOT include 5 minute data in the extracts for now.

  • CSWG/COPS/ERCOT will work on alternative solutions.

Workshop reducing the rtm settlement time line
Workshop: Reducing the RTM Settlement Time Line:

  • PUCT meeting on 9/28/2012 Agenda Item # 16, Project No: 40000 Commission Proceeding to Ensure Resource Adequacy in Texas.

  • Commissioner Anderson discussed benefits of reducing the settlement time line to 3 days.

  • COPS workshop on November 6, 2012 was well attended by many diverse stakeholders.

  • ERCOT, TDSPs made detailed and very informative presentations.

  • Main concern is with the gradual increase in offer caps eventually to $9000, cash needs to clear ASAP to prevent default uplift and high credit collateral.

  • The most agreed upon scenario was that we can reduce Initial settlement from 9 to 7 with minimal risk to quality of data and increase in staffing

  • Any decrease to less than 7 days has moderate to high risk in reducing quality of data.

  • We need to have clear and significant credit benefits quantified if we want to go less than 7 days.

  • A phased approach was also proposed to go from 9 days to 8, and then to 7 days.

    • Materials from that workshop can be found at:


  • Other

    • Tony Marsh from MAMO Enterprise was elected as Vice Chair