the university of adelaide asbestos management plan presentation by carter corporation n.
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The University of Adelaide Asbestos Management Plan presentation by Carter Corporation PowerPoint Presentation
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The University of Adelaide Asbestos Management Plan presentation by Carter Corporation

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The University of Adelaide Asbestos Management Plan presentation by Carter Corporation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The University of Adelaide Asbestos Management Plan presentation by Carter Corporation. Background. Presenters Work done in preparation for WHS changes WHS ( Harmonisation) requirements and current University status. ASBESTOS CODE. Responsibilities.

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the university of adelaide asbestos management plan presentation by carter corporation

The University of Adelaide Asbestos Management Planpresentation by Carter Corporation

  • Presenters
  • Work done in preparation for WHS changes
  • WHS ( Harmonisation) requirements and current University status
  • Person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) will
  • Control risk of exposure
  • Health monitoring
  • Training and use of equipment
  • Controlling the use of equipment
  • Asbestos-related work
  • Identifying or assuming asbestos or ACM
  • Indicating presence and location
  • Asbestos register
  • Asbestos management plan
  • Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)
  • Demolition and Refurbishment Work
asbestos management plan
Asbestos Management Plan
  • Regulation 429

A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure a written asbestos management plan is prepared for the workplace if asbestos or ACM has been identified or assumed present, or is likely to be present from time to time at the workplace.

The asbestos management plan must be maintained to ensure the information is up-to-date.

asbestos management plan content
Asbestos Management Plan content
  • An asbestos management plan must include:
  • The identification of asbestos and ACM, for example a reference or link to the asbestos register for the workplace, and the locations of signs and labels
  • Decisions, and reasons for the decisions, about the management of asbestos at the workplace, for example safe work procedures and control measures
  • Procedures for detailing accidents, incidents or emergencies of asbestos at the workplace
  • Workers carrying out work involving asbestos, for example consultation, information and training responsibilities.

Other information that may be included in the asbestos management plan is:

  • An outline of how asbestos risks will be controlled, including consideration of appropriate control measures
  • A timetable for managing risks of exposure, for example priorities and dates for any reviews, circumstances and activities that could affect the timing of action
  • Identification of each person with responsibilities under the asbestos management plan and the person’s responsibilities
  • Procedures, including a timetable for reviewing and, if necessary, revising the asbestos management plan and asbestos register
  • Air monitoring procedures at the workplace

Contents of the University AMP

  • Document Control Record
  • Introduction
  • Legislative requirements
  • Organisational responsibilities
  • Contractor Induction
  • Asbestos awareness training
  • Permission to work system
  • Abatement of Asbestos containing materials
  • Transport and disposal of Asbestos waste
  • Damaged Asbestos containing materials
  • Unknown or suspected Asbestos containing materials
  • Sampling
  • Air monitoring
  • Definitions
  • Examples of Asbestos containing materials
  • Asbestos Register
key points


Management Plan Controller (MPC)

  • The MPC will engage an Asbestos Management Consultant to assist the University with their responsibility to manage Asbestos at the workplace.
  • Liaise with departments, contractors and maintenance personnel in matters concerning and arising from Asbestos installations.
  • Inform occupants of Asbestos remedial works.
  • Engage a licensed Asbestos contractor as required by legislation for Asbestos removal works.
  • Prior to renovation or demolition works ensure Asbestos materials are identified and safely removed.
  • Ensure Asbestos related records are maintained and where Asbestos materials have been removed appropriate documentation is obtained.

Faculties and Departments

  • Must coordinate and cooperate with Infrastructure Branch to ensure ACM are not disturbed and that all appropriate Asbestos controls are in place
  • Must notify the MPC of proposed refurbishment, demolition or maintenance works that involves the disturbance of the building fabric / structure or where ACM exists
key points1


  • Contractors working on any University Campus or property will be responsible for ensuring that works are conducted in accordance with the AMP and that all permits and inductions have been completed
  • Contractors must ensure proper safety procedures are followed and works are conducted in accordance with all relevant legislative requirements and best industry practice.

Asbestos Consultant

  • Conduct Surveys and reviews
  • Develop Scope of works
  • Provide Asbestos consultancy services as required

Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

  • Will conduct works in accordance with licensing requirements and standard industry practice.
  • Will develop a site specific Asbestos removal control plan prior to any Asbestos removal works
key points2

Abatement of Asbestos Containing Materials

  • Materials identified as containing Asbestos should be removed from proposed work area or satisfactorily contained prior to commencement to refurbishment or demolition works.
  • The removal must be performed in accordance with all legislative and University requirements

Contract Manager / Project Officer

Must perform the following in relation to proposed Asbestos removal works;

  • Ensure an appropriately licensed Asbestos removal contractor is engaged
  • Make available a copy of the current Asbestos Register
  • Supply precise details of the Asbestos removal requirements to the removalist

( e.g. in the form of an Asbestos removal technical specification or scope of works )

key points3

Contract Manager / Project Officer ( cont..)

On completion of the works must ensure documentation is gathered detailing;

  • Location, building, level, room numbers etc ( a marked up drawing is suitable for this )
  • Quantity
  • Type
  • Dates
  • Notifications
  • Restrictions
  • Limitations
  • Any other relevant information

Accurate documentation allows the Asbestos Register to be updated with the correct information.

Insufficient documentation may lead to information within the Asbestos Register being inaccurate and

or incomplete.

Asbestos Consulting Services

  • The Contract Manager/ Project Officer may engage a suitably qualified Asbestos Consultant to manage the Asbestos works on behalf of the University.
  • An Asbestos Consultant must inspect the removal works and a clearance certificate for each work area issued
  • In accordance with the WHS Regulation 2012 air monitoring is required for all removals of Asbestos with South Australia