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french spanish epals john muir grade 9 n.
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French & Spanish Epals John Muir Grade 9 PowerPoint Presentation
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French & Spanish Epals John Muir Grade 9

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French & Spanish Epals John Muir Grade 9
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French & Spanish Epals John Muir Grade 9

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  1. French & Spanish EpalsJohn Muir Grade 9

  2. PROJECT: E-PALSFRENCH & SPANISH Objective: students use the Spanish/French they have learned to communicate with an outside audience beyond the classroom Technology: E-pals was chosen because it allows students to send e-mails to students in other countries. This not only supports the theme of our magnet-global citizenship- but also provides students with an authentic audience in keeping with the Paideia philosophy embraced by our school. Reflection: This projectengaged the students by giving them a purpose for learning another language. Responses from their e-pals generated a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm for learning the language.

  3. French Epals Salut, je m’appelle Liafi. Je suis de San Diego. Je suis americain. Je suis eleve dans l’ecole John Muir. Je suis grand et brun. Je suis smypathique et intelligent. Je ne suis pas egoiste ou sociable. Je suis l’ami de John, David, et Anthony. Je suis le freres Liualii, John-George, Gabriel, David, et Niualam. Tu t’applles comment? Tu es d’ou? Tu es quelle nationalite? Tu es comment?

  4. Response from France: • Hello, my name is Alex and I am 16, I live in Toulouse, in the south of the France. I’ve got a brother and I live with him, my mother and my half-father. I am in Toulouse for two months before, I was in paris. The music I listen is post-hardcore, rock, punk, screamo, deathcore, metal….I have played electic guitar for 8 months. My style is emo. I love the films seems “Saw”. My school is very recent, we are 35 in my class. Any you, can you describe yourself? What’s your name? How old are you? How many are in your class? Bye

  5. Spanish Epals • Hola Kevin, Mi clase favorita es estudios sociales. Es interesante, no es aburrida. En la clase nosotros miramos videos. La maestro se llama Lusia. Ella es pequena y comica. Quien es su profesor y como cual es ella? • En mi tiempo liebre juego a veces los juegos onlines. Siepre practicar futbol, o ejercicio. Y tu? Que deportes hace usted tiene gusto? Tambien me gusta leo los libros y novelas por la noche. Y tu? Te gusta leer los libros y novelas? Gracias por su correo. Hasta luago amigo! Joy

  6. Response from Spain: • Hi Joy, My name is Kevin, I’m 13 years old and I’m from Spain. I live in Manresa with my mom, my dad and my sister Cristina. I go to Guillem Cata middle school and I’m in second year. I love Gymnastics and I sometimes go to the park. I also enjoy doing gymnastics but my favorite thing is computer games. I use the PC to send messages to my friends. I’m very fast. I sometimes enter to online games that aways win, for example: A.V.A, Soldier Front, etc. What about you? Do you play computer games online? My favorite school subjects are: P.E. and Spanish. Whats your favorite school subjects? • Bye for now, Kevin

  7. What Muir 9th grade students had to say about Epals! • I have recently been assigned to use e-pals in the language class I am currently taking, Spanish. When I first started using E-pals I was amazed to find out that I could email other kids my same age across the world. Now, after sending and receiving many emails I have discovered how to communicate in both English and Spanish with people all over the world. Spain was assigned to my specific class and after a number of exchanges I, along with my classmates, have been fascinated each time we receive news from someone new . Just the fact that we can talk about our daily life, and compare the similarities and differences we have is very fun. During class we study writing, reading, hearing, understanding, and speaking Spanish. Using e-pals has applied all of those skills into one web-based communication tool for many students all over the world, me being one. I love being able to openly have a conversation and discuss current events with someone my own age, and someone who has the same excitement for learning what other cultures and people are like. E-pals has greatly increased my Spanish fluency, and my fascination for it. -Joy

  8. “Epals has helped me with Spanish because I got to practice and to write to students in Spain that know Spanish. Most of the time I didn’t even need to look at my notes to answer back, because I understood how to respond to what they were asking. It was fun!” -Mia What students had to say:

  9. “Epals is great, because I get to practice talking to kids who actually speak the language. And if I messed up on something they can tell me and I can correct them. Also who better to learn from, besides Madame Caron, than from the kids who speak French everyday. It’s also a good way to learn about their culture and daily life first hand.” -Liafi