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Temperate Deciduous Forests PowerPoint Presentation
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Temperate Deciduous Forests

Temperate Deciduous Forests

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Temperate Deciduous Forests

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  1. Temperate Deciduous Forests (Eastern Deciduous Forests)
  2. Location Latitude range anywhere from 23 ° north to 38 ° south Bradley Woods, Cuyahoga County, OH
  3. Climate 4 distinct seasons Temperature 70s in summer Temp just below freezing in winter Average precipitation 30-60 inches/year Biome’s short distance to oceans explains the wide range in climate
  4. Plant Adaptation Plants capture sunlight in summer through photosynthesis Lose leaves in winter to conserve water Absorbs food material in leaves before falling Maple Tree Beech Tree Evergreen Tree
  5. Animal Adaptations Blujays migrate to escape winter Bears hibernate during winter months Squirrels store large amounts of food
  6. Soil and Chemical Cycling Soil generally very fertile Soil fertilized by falling leaves/decaying matter Wide variety of soil types Rich Loamy, Red Clay, Rocky, Sandy Water most often from rivers Water high in nutrients
  7. Economic Value Crucial to timber business Helps balance carbon dioxide levels Helps check soil erosion Provides animal products Regulates earth’s temperature/water cycle
  8. Human Disturbance Deforestation affects not only trees but animals Animals hunted for fur Soil damaged from polluted precipitation
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  10. Red Wolf

    Canis rufus
  11. Key Characteristics Location: - Temperate Deciduous Forests - no longer in wild. Range: Pennsylvania to central Texas. Niche: -roam in small packs - white tailed deer, raccoons, other small mammals, insects, and berries. - nocturnal, shy, complex social structure Habitat: - costal prairie and marsh areas - between 10 and 100 square miles
  12. Causes of Endangerment Loss of Habitat -expansion of agriculture -logging -human settlement The hunting of wolves Mating of red wolves and coyotes
  13. Level of Endangerment Status of red wolves is Endangered. Believed to be extinct in the wild. Current population is 300 captive animals - zoos - captive breeding facilities - Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina - Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  14. Conclusion Restoration plans were made in 1973 Restoration began in 1987 1.7 million acres 20 packs with 41 pups Red Wolf Coalition
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  16. Endangered Species Act

    Signed December 28, 1973 President Richard Nixon 93rd United States Congress
  17. Provisions Authorizes determination and listing of endangered status Prohibits “tampering with” endangered species Authority to require land for conservation Establishes funds to support conservation Authorizes the assessment of penalties for violating Authorizes rewards to those who help lead to arrests
  18. Enforcement Administered by two federal agencies -United States Fish and Wildlife Service -National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Both agencies have officers and headquarters in the U.S. and around the world.
  19. Changes Endangered Species Prevention Act of 1966 -listed endangered domestic fish and wildlife -$15 million for habitat Amendment of 1969 – Endangered Species Conservation Act -to provide species that are endangered worldwide. -made importation and sale illegal Endangered Species Act of 1973 -Amendments in 1978, 1988, 1989, 1990
  20. Application Protects various endangered species in Temperate Deciduous Forests -Animals - Northern Hemisphere: red wolf, caribou, elk, bison - Southern Hemisphere: orange-bellied parrot, grey goshawk, and scrubwren
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