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Flights of Fancy . Gifted Education 2012-2013. 1st 9 weeks. Beginning Aug. 27th Introduce New Theme- How can we fly into a successful year? Goal setting- -Setting goals-personal/school-related (Write at least 1 for each area) -How will you achieve these goals? -What steps will you take?.

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Flights of fancy

Flights of Fancy

Gifted Education


1st 9 weeks
1st 9 weeks

Beginning Aug. 27th

Introduce New Theme-

How can we fly into a successful year?

Goal setting-

-Setting goals-personal/school-related (Write at least 1 for each area)

-How will you achieve these goals?

-What steps will you take?

Overview of the project lesson 1
Overview of the Project (Lesson 1)

During this 9 weeks you will be working on a project including the following products:

1. Goal setting (personal/school) Lesson 1

2. Art (Insect) Lesson 1-2 (Name art and insect art

3. Writing (Poetry) Lesson 2-3

4. Research about insects (Presentation format-power point presentation, digital photostory, other technology) Lesson 3-6

Sharing on weeks 6-9

Explaining the project lesson 1
Explaining the Project (Lesson 1)

Today we will be working on two products:

1. Goal Setting

2. Art

Because some of you will finish before others, when you finish you will be able to go ahead after you finish your goal setting and art, and start on your poetry and research. Today I will give directions on the goal setting and art. Next week, I will go over the poetry and research part.

Art lesson 1 2
Art (Lesson 1-2)

-Making a Connection-

-We will draw something that flies to symbolize us soaring into success. Brainstorm all the things that fly. Since we will begin by studying insects and flight, I would like for you to choose an insect that flies to draw. (i.e. butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, etc.)

-I have pictures of insects for you to look at and choose. (Show pics)

Art techniques and examples lesson 1
Art Techniques and Examples Lesson 1

Show art examples-Use art techniques to create art-

-Show art that uses symmetry and discuss symmetry-black and white artwork


-Designs inside object

-Drawing with dots inside

-Abstract art-Drawing with splattered paint inside; black paint outside; then same color splattered paint around the black

Scrapbook art lesson 1
Scrapbook Art -Lesson 1

Draw the insect on white paper. Cut it out. Trace around on scrapbook paper. Cut out. Glue on paper.

Draw the insect on white paper, on a flower.

Trace onto scrappaper

Collage with heavy outlining
Collage with Heavy Outlining

Draw the same insect in different ways all over the paper. Color in.

Use heavy black outlining.

Art symmetry
Art Symmetry


Draw the insect on a white sheet of paper. Trace onto art paper on each side. Create an artistic design.

Watercolor background
Watercolor Background

On 1 sheet splatter a variety

of paint.

On another sheet draw and

color an insect.

Cut out insect and glue on

sheet with splattered paint.

Heavy white outlining
Heavy white outlining

Draw insect on white paper.

Cut out leaving a thick white border around the edge.

Glue on black paper or a very bright different colored paper.

Unusual creation
Unusual Creation

Make some part of your drawing

like something else. This bird's tail is made of leaves instead of


Splatter paint inside and outside with heavy black outline
Splatter paint inside and outside with heavy black outline

Draw insect. Splatter paint inside it. Paint heavy outline in black. Then splatter the remainder of the background in the same colors you used on the inside of the insect.

Designs inside
Designs Inside

Draw the insect. Draw designs inside.

Texture rubbing painting
Texture Rubbing/Painting

After drawing the object, use some type

of textured cloth, etc. to rub over with marker or paint. Try this on a black sheet before applying to your drawing to see if you like the texture.

Water color painting
Water Color Painting

Draw the insect lightly.

Paint with watercolors.

Lesson 2 art work continued if needed poetry writing
Lesson 2 (Art work continued if needed) Poetry Writing

Write a poem about one of these topics:

1. Describing yourself using some of the characteristics of the insect you drew.

2. About you and your talents and how you will use those talents to make our world a better place.

3. Describing the insect you drew.

4. Since we will be entering it into the Celebration of Young Writers, use the following rules:

Poetry rules lesson 2 3
Poetry Rules(Lesson 2-3)

1. Write about 20 lines (no more than 20)

2. After writing it, type it 12 point font, left align, single spaced, and save it.

3. Remember poetry needs to say something meaningful.

4. Great poetry uses some poetic elements like-metaphors, similes, alliteration, repetition, rhyme, rhythm, free verse,etc.

Other poetry examples revising editing publishing
Other Poetry Examples Revising, Editing, Publishing

-You may view other great examples from

books-Celebration of Young Authors or by going to and clicking on winners.

-Make sure you read, revise, and edit,

-Then give to someone else in the class for peer review and editing.

-Then give to me before you begin typing.

-Save to your name and title of poem.


Decision Making-First decide what would you like to learn about insects. These are some possible questions:

1. How do insects fly?

2. How do insects affect our environment-good/bad?

3. Why do entomologist study insects?

4. What do entomologist do during their work week?

Research continued
Research (Continued)

5. What classes do entomologists take?

6. What other careers might be associated with insects, and what talents and education do these careers require?

7. Other ? Discuss

Research directions
Research (Directions)

1. Use Alabama Virtual Library, books, periodicals, magazines with research based information

2. You will need at least 3 articles that you have read and summarized in writing.

3. Give credit to your source-title, author, publishing date, page numbers

4. You may work with a partner (Discuss group rules)


1. Practice your presentations

2. Make sure the writing is written in your words and you know all the words.

3. Share with the class

Career focus during project
Career Focus During Project

Entomologist-Scheduled visit



Public Speaker


Websites and videos
Websites and Videos