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How to increase shoe safety?

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How to increase shoe safety? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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\nWhen you walk or run, you have a fear in mind and the fear is slip and fall accident. You tread cautiously so that you don’t slip and fall.\n

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How to increase shoe safety?

When you walk or run, you have a fear in mind and the fear is slip and fall

accident. You tread cautiously so that you don’t slip and fall.

Increased show grip is the only way to prevent slip and fall accidents and

there are two ways to improve grip. First is to use anti-skid flooring and

second is to use anti-grip sole. Anti-skid flooring can work for specific soles

but anti-skid sole can provide better grip on every floor. And it is quite easy

to make a shoe anti-skid.

Make your footwear anti-skid

If you are thinking that you will need taking your shoe to a cobbler for

adding anti-skid sole to the footwear then you are wrong. It isn’t the job of a

cobbler but yours. You can easily make your footwear surface friendly by

coating the sole of footwear with an anti-skid solution that is easily available

at affordable price.

The solution will add millions of nano-spikes to the sole and in this way

make it surface friendly. Once done, your footwear is ready for walking,

running, jogging and even dancing. Nano-spikes will increase shoe safety in

a hassle free and affordable manner. You can easily use the solution on any

type of footwear ranging from slippers that you use at home to military

boots that you use for walking. The solution sets easily on every type of sole

but it gives best results on new soles.

How to use the solution?

You have to make a sole using the solution. It comes in ready-to-use form

and you only need applying the solution to the sole. Shake the liquid for a

couple of seconds so that the ingredients are mixed properly. Pour the

solution into a flat surface lid or container in which you can put your shoe.

Now take the shoe for application but wait before you put the shoe on the

liquid as the sole needs to be clean of all the dust and debris it has

accumulated overtime.

For increased shoe grip, the sole has to be free from dust particles. Fine dust

could create bubbles in the liquid and reduce its functionality. Prepare you

shoe for anti-skid sole by cleaning its sole properly. Put the sole into the

liquid and let the shoe sit on the liquid for some time. 45 minutes is the

minimum time the liquid needs to stick properly all over the sole. But for

better results, you should keep the sole in liquid for 12 hours. After 12

hours, take out the shoe from the liquid and rinse it with running water for 5


Durability of the liquid sole

Once done, it will work for months and when you feel that the sole is losing

traction, you can again apply the liquid on the sole. Process is hassle and

price is affordable. And you can make any type and size of shoe anti-skid by

applying the liquid to its sole.

Together with increased shoe grip, the liquid will keep your shoe dust free. It

doesn’t allow dust to settle on it. After applying the liquid on your sole, you

can walk on any surface without any worries or apprehension.