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How to Sell More on the Web and Increase Conversion PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Sell More on the Web and Increase Conversion

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How to Sell More on the Web and Increase Conversion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips for small business and home business entrepreneurs on how to sell on the Web, including learning how to attract more visitors and then turning them into customers. Learn how to increase conversion rate and increase sales from your ecommerce store

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small business tips how to sell more on the web

Small Business Tips:How to Sell More on the Web

Isabel M. Isidro

Managing Editor,

Twitter: @powerhomebiz


turning visitors to customers
Turning Visitors to Customers
  • Getting visitors to your website is one thing; turning them into customers is a whole different ballgame.
  • If you are selling on the Web, you need to be able to do both well. You need to be able to attract more visitors and then turn them into customers.
factors to entice visitors to buyers
Factors to Entice Visitors to Buyers

Simplicity or ease of use of web site

Attitude and accessibility

Responsiveness or the quality, speed and helpfulness of customer service

Transparency of policies including privacy and return policies

Selection and presentation of products

challenges of small online retailers
Challenges of Small Online Retailers
  • Lack of technology
    • Limited personalization and customization
    • No data mining capabilities
    • Limited capability to boost site efficiency
  • Cannot take advantage of economies of scale to lower costs
  • Smaller marketing budgets
  • No multichannel marketing
tips to increase sales
Tips to Increase Sales

Get the right traffic

Build customer confidence

Improve product presentation

Maximize after-sales opportunities

get the right traffic
Get the Right Traffic

Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Seek qualified traffic – visitors that are genuinely interested in your products

Generate good visibility and reviews from shopping comparison web sites (,,, etc.)

Sharpen your landing pages

get the right traffic1
Get the Right Traffic

Get your web pages ready for the sale

Analyze your web traffic

Reduce load times

Your site search is your best friend: examine what visitors are searching in your site

how the big boys do it home depot
How the Big Boys Do It: Home Depot

Keep customers engaged by showing them and explaining to them why they need your products provides articles, videos and how-to guides to inform their customers and make their site a go-to place for information pertaining to their products

build customer confidence
Build Customer Confidence
  • Demonstrate that you are a real business
    • Include an “About Us” section
    • Put your contact email information and a telephone number
    • If possible, include your physical address
    • Put a human face to your business: consider putting in photos of your staff (if any)
    • Create a section where all your press mentions
build customer confidence1
Build Customer Confidence

Get a toll free 1-800 number

Provide evidence of your products’ success

Give customers signals of protection and safety

Consider creating a “first-time visitor” page

Clearly specify your return policies

State your privacy policy

Respond to emails quickly

Do a spelling check of your web site


How the Big Boys Do It:

Add to Cart is located above the fold in an eye-catching red and prominent size

Price is highlighted using big, red fonts, with availability clearly indicated

Featured campaigns as well as Clearance prominently displayed even in product pages

Several photos of the products are included, including how it can be used

improve product presentation
Improve Product Presentation
  • Lead the visitors to your sales funnel
  • Make it easy for visitors to use and buy from your site
  • Design your site in such a way that visitors immediately know what you are selling
  • Entice customers to buy
    • Highlight special promotions or hot new products
    • Show best selling products
improve product presentation1
Improve Product Presentation
  • Avoid intro, splash, or entry pages
  • Pictures sell: Invest in great photography
    • Clear, clean, big and devoid of any distracting backgrounds
  • Write compelling sales copy
  • Make your call to buy signals consistent and prominent
  • Use an Upsell Page

How the Big Businesses Do It:

LL Bean

Copy focuses on benefit: “Flattering fit – guaranteed”

Key Features offer bullets of supporting benefits

Add to Bag uses a different color that makes it pop from the page

maximize after sales opportunity
Maximize After-Sales Opportunity
  • Maximize cross-sell opportunities
    • Include in your confirmation email other items they may like, as well as mailers included when the product is sent.
  • Give customers incentive to buy again from you
  • Provide return and money-back policies
  • Consider a loyalty program

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