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Welcome to. The Fundamentals of Performance Management Presenter David Hunter. The Three Pillars of Performance Management and the Six Organizational Capacities it Requires. December 3, 2013. Hunter Consulting, LLC.

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The fundamentals of performance management presenter david hunter

The Fundamentals of Performance ManagementPresenterDavid Hunter

The Three Pillars of Performance Management and the Six Organizational Capacities it Requires

December 3, 2013

Hunter Consulting, LLC

Performance Management – the set of self-correcting processes an organization uses to learn from its work and make tactical and strategic adjustments to drive up quality and effectiveness (the ability to produce social value)

The Three Pillars and Six Capacities of Performance Management

Pillar 1

Performance Leadership

Pillar 2

Management Structure

Pillar 3

Information and Knowledge Production and Use

Capacity 1

Relentless Operational Leadership

Capacity 2

Results- Focused Management

  • Capacity 3

  • Accountability

  • System

  • Staff

  • Managers

  • Leaders

Capacity 4

Results-Focused Budgeting

Capacity 5

Measuring and


Formative evaluations

Summative evaluations

Results based performance management relies on two k ey e lements
Results-based Performance Management Relies on twoKey Elements

1. A Strategy

  • Mission (value proposition)

  • Key Goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-specific

  • Measurable objectives

    2. A Theory of change (blueprint for producing societal value)

  • Target population (vs. Service Population)

  • Outcomes

    • Short-term outcomes

    • Intermediate outcomes

    • Long-term outcomes

  • Program/Services:

    • Codified activities with implementation standards (dosage, frequency, duration)

    • Necessary competencies

    • Quality Indicators

  • Measuring and monitoring (CREAM)

Hunter Consulting LLC

It is essential to build a performance management culture

Hunter Consulting, LLC

It is Essential to Build a Performance Management Culture

Nine Indicators to build and monitor

  • Clarity of Organizational Purpose (Mission)

  • Consistency in Holding to a Mission-Driven Course

  • Relating Activities to Outcomes

  • Accountability for Outcomes (performance standards)

  • Budgeting for Performance (prioritizing areas that drive outcomes)

  • Measurement and Monitoring with Data Integrity

  • Making Data-Informed Adjustments

  • Having Evidence for Likely Program Impact

  • Delivering Programming with Fidelity

Key i tems to monitor in order to assure h igh performance that is manage to outcomes

Hunter Consulting, LLC

Key Items to Monitor in order to Assure High Performance – that is, Manage to Outcomes

  • Program enrollment criteria and their use (to manage delivery of services to the target population)

  • Program participation (dosage, frequency, duration)

  • Program completion(and characteristics of those who fail to complete a program)

  • Incremental progress on short-term outcomes (for day-to-day, tactical management)

  • Aggregated intermediate and long-term outcome data (for strategic management)

  • Indicators of Program Quality

  • Skills-based competencies of service providers


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