it enters a new learning environment n.
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IT Enters A new Learning Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Enters A new Learning Environment

IT Enters A new Learning Environment

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IT Enters A new Learning Environment

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  1. IT Enters A new Learning Environment

  2. Conceptual Models of Learning Constructivism Generative Learning Discovery Learning Meaningful Learning

  3. Meaningful Learning

  4. It gives focus to new experience that is related to what the learner already know. • In the learning process, the learner is encouraged to recognize relevant personal experiences. • In this learning process reward structure is also set. What is Meaningful Learning?

  5. Discovery Learning

  6. What is a Discovery Learning? • In Discovery Learning students tasks to uncover what is to be learned. • In Discovery Learning , It is Important that the student become personally and not subjected by the teacher to procedures he/she is not allowed to depart from.

  7. Generative Learning

  8. What is A Generative Learning? • It is viewed as different from the simple storing information. • It is Generating of meaning from the experience and draw inferences thereby creating a personal model or explanation to the new experience in the context of existing knowledge.

  9. Constructivism

  10. What is constructivism? • The learner builds a personal understanding through appropriate learning activities and a good learning environment.

  11. Constructivism Principles • Learning consists in what a person can actively assemble for himself and not what he can receive passively. • The role of learning is to help the individual live/adapt to his personal world.

  12. Three Practical Implication • The learner is directly responsible for learning. • The context of meaningful learning consists in the learner “connecting” his school activity with real life. • The purpose of education is the acquisition of practical and personal knowledge, not abstract or universal truths.

  13. Common themes to these four Learning Domains Learners: • Are active, purposeful learners. • Set personal goals and strategies to achieve these goals. • Make their learning experience meaningful and relevant to their lives.

  14. Seek to build an understanding of their personal worlds so they can work/live productively. • Build on what they already know in order to interpret and respond to new experiences.