manure management in precision farming l.
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Manure Management in Precision Farming PowerPoint Presentation
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Manure Management in Precision Farming

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Manure Management in Precision Farming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manure Management in Precision Farming. Yan Tang Plant and Soil Sciences. Manure as soil resource. Nutrient values Soil amendment Crop quality Reduce commercial fertilizer. Nutrient values. Elements:

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Manure Management in Precision Farming

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manure management in precision farming

Manure Management in Precision Farming

Yan Tang

Plant and Soil Sciences

manure as soil resource
Manure as soil resource
  • Nutrient values
  • Soil amendment
  • Crop quality
  • Reduce commercial fertilizer
nutrient values
Nutrient values
  • Elements:

Primary Nutrients: N, P, K Secondary Nutrients: Ca, Mg, SMicronutrients: Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Mo, Cl

  • Availability
soil amendment
Soil amendment
  • Chemical Properties
  • Physical Properties
  • Biological Porperites
  • Difficult in application
  • Environmental Issues
difficult in application
Difficult in application
  • Bulky
  • Transportation cost
  • Odor
environmental issues
Environmental issues
  • Nitrogen pollution
  • Phosphorus pollution
  • Other pollutants
manure precision management approach
Manure precision management approach
  • Research trends
  • Best management practices
research trends
Research Trends
  • Crop nutrients conservation
  • Environment conservation
best management practice site specific
Best management practice(site-specific)
  • Manure factors
  • Plant and soil factors
  • Other factors
manure factors
Manure factors

1.Manure sampling and analysis

2.Nitrogen or phosphorus application strategies

3.Spatial variability

4.Manure amendments

5.Manure transportation

6.Manure processing

soil and plant factors
Soil and plant factors
  • Soil properties
  • Plant requirements
other factors
Other factors
  • Climate
  • Topography
  • Application methods
  • Economy
technologies in precision manure management
Technologies in precision manure management
  • Database
  • GIS
  • GPS
  • VRT technologies
site specific liquid manure application
Site-specific Liquid Manure Application
  • Measurement
  • Control
  • Documentation
determing application rate
Determing Application Rate
  • Load Cell Methods
  • Flow Meter Methods
load cell methods
Load cell methods
  • Typically consist of load cells mounted under the manure “container” on an applicatior. Laod cells can provide static and continouse stream of weight data during applicatio discharge.
  • Measured wighty differences dring unloasing can be used to determine applicator discharge rate.
  • Work with both solid material application equipment.
  • Static accuracy ratings : 99.5 %
  • Error: Ground surface roughness and movement of liquid manure (2-8 percent)
flow sensing systems
Flow sensing systems
  • Tyopically use electromagnetic flow meters.
  • Expensive
  • Handleliquids with a wide range and type of solids content
  • Measuing less than 0.5 percent
  • Not influenced by travel
  • Fange-mounted into transfer tubes on tanker applicators that sue slurry pumps
  • Manure management is important in precision farming
  • Manure management in precision is a relative concept
  • Manure management in precision farming become feasible as technologies develops such as GIS and GPS and other VRT technologies
  • Animal waste utilization: Effective use of Manure as a Soil Resouce, Edited by Hatfiedld J.L &B.A.Stewart, Ann Arbor Press,1998