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مؤسس ــــة الربــــــط الآلــــي للتجـــــارة Automated Communication Est. Trading. Fleet Management system. A1 Trax. Fleet Management & Dispatching System. Overview

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Automated communication est trading

مؤسســــة الربــــــط الآلــــي للتجـــــارة

Automated Communication Est. Trading.

Fleet Management system

A1 Trax

Fleet management dispatching system
Fleet Management & Dispatching System


Automated Communication Est. Trading. (Nexus)Vehicle Solutions has chosen the fleet management smart terminal devices as a powerful and very cost effective concept that can solve the core problems described above. They allow clients a flexible, quick and easy combination of three of the most powerful state-of-the-art technologies (GSM/GPRS, GPS, Internet) into a wide range of applications for the vertical and horizontal market. Nexus is the exclusive distributor for Satcom Technology and has been given the responsibility to establish the required infrastructure to sell and support their products in Saudi Arabia.

Nexus VTS solution is an intergraded hardware and software solution that allows you to monitor your fleet (Locate, Track, Control and Manage) remotely and conveniently. Our VTS solution is customer based and has been developed internally and can be tailored to your company's needs and requirements; special input and output sensors can be installed to feed your database with the information needed for more productivity and efficiency. 

Hardware features
Hardware Features

  • A1 TRAX offers advanced functionality for tracing and tracking connected to any fleet or asset management system. High reliability and flexible configuration gives the system provider an easy start up and low life-cycle costs.

  • A1 TRAX comes configured and tested to client requirements and equipped with ready-made software functionality for precise

    GPS tracking, Mileage reporting, Power management, Event handling

    Data communications offers you an extremely suitable and easy to use unit for many security, fleet and asset tracking applications. The unit has versatile interfaces for driver identification, status information and alarm devices. Over the air (OTA) upgrading possibility provides a cost-effective and reliable way to add new features.  This is tracking unit used for high value and high risk goods in transit. When fitted to a vehicle it is immediately live on Discovery software and mapping.

Standard features
Standard Features:

Reduce unnecessary driving and fuel consumption

vehicle tracking units let you know when, where and how much your vehicles are used. Cutting off unnecessary driving results instant savings. Accurate information about vehicle usage allows you to optimise fleet size, maintenance and for example vehicle leasing contracts.

Improve workforce management and customer service

vehicle tracking units not only give you the location of vehicles, but also let you monitor how the work proceeds by combining positions with other meaningful information. Great flexibility in configurations, multiple parameter sets and changing reporting intervals allow you to be always on top of your operation and keep your customer informed.

Reduce paperwork and save management time

Precise GPS based trip distance measuring of the vehicle tracking units enables electronic driver logbook including start and stop times, locations, journey details, precise mileage and driving time all of which can be utilised for invoicing, internal accounting and management reporting purposes.

Standard features1
Standard Features

Control job costing

Vehicle tracking units support driver identification and a large number of geofences that can be set around geographic locations to report incoming or outgoing vehicle or identify regularly visited locations. The exact information on which vehicle goes where and for how long time allows you to allocate your vehicle costs correctly.

Improve driver and load safety

Vehicle tracking units have a large set of digital and analog inputs for door switches or temperature and humidity sensors for example. Optional back-up battery and intelligent charging logic ensure that an alert can be sent even without external power supply.

Rf tags for trailers
RF Tags for Trailers


    The RX Readers detect and decode RF transmitted signals from the family of tags. The reader incorporates a BNC connector to allow for attachment of an external antenna to extend the reader's range. The RX type readers can be used singly, or networked together to form a reader network. The reader connects to a PC or intelligent hardware controller via RS232, RS485 or TTL.


    The IH tag is ideally suited for heavy duty or external asset or vehicle tracking and monitoring applications that require a rugged, waterproof tag. The tag is ideally suited for operating on metallic surfaces or on plastics containing a high metal content. The tag has an anti-tamper facility.

Software mapping
Software & Mapping

  • Our own Discovery software is key to this project. It can track most tracking devices available giving you and your customer the option to have mixed fleet systems. High end systems in some vehicles and low end systems in others. 

  • Discovery was originally built as an alarm monitoring system so there are plenty of security levels available from it. Some of these include the following;

  • Route deviation: A set route or routes are captured. A vehicle or trailer is "Assigned" to a route. If the vehicle leaves this route then an alarm is generated on Discovery.

  • Waypoint timings: A set amount of time is calculated along the route. This can be town to town or road marker along the route. Should the vehicle or trailer be late at arriving at any of these point, then an alert is generated on Discovery.

  • Stop en-route: Should a vehicle or trailer make an unauthorised stop en-route then an alert is generated on Discovery.

Software mapping1
Software & Mapping

  • Fleet Management: General fleet management with a range of fleet operational reports.

  • Route Playback: Play back any route driven to see which way the vehicle travelled.

  • MOT: This is a section for fleet managers to remind them of trailer or tractor maintenance, driver licence renewals, insurance or any other general renewal reminder. Reminders are set up by date, miles, weeks or even hours.

  • Reports: A range of reports that can be automatically e-mailed to the relevant department when required.  

  • User Privileges: Discovery can be set up to have different privileges for each operator.

  • Alarm Handling: As mentioned above, Discovery was originally built as a tracking alarm monitoring platform. It has a full audit trail of operator actions following each alarm.

  • Customisable: can customise Discovery to suit you and your customers requirements.

How discovery software works
How Discovery Software Works

  • Discovery II uses Remote Desktop and Web Client to provide access to our secure servers through a fixed IP address.

  • Each user has an individual account with an encrypted password.  Users can gain access to their data from anywhere in the world using Remote Desktop or Remote Web client.  Each client can determine the different levels of access and visible assets for each user.

  • Data is securely held on our servers with both on and off site regular back ups.  Our applications use the state of the art database engine to ensure speedy response to all queries.  Clients can hold up to 24 months of data, eight times the average of web solutions.

  • Our applications have a rich developed environment without any of the WEB restrictions imposed on it.  As the user is logged directly onto our servers there is very little download delay and users can obtain good speed results even from the old dial up feature.

  • Clients have the option to enable on line tracking through our web interface providing restricted viewable access to our own client’s customers.

Automated communication est trading

Fleet Management & Dispatching System

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