impact a climate data visualization tool for marine protected areas n.
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IMPACT A climate data visualization tool for marine protected areas PowerPoint Presentation
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IMPACT A climate data visualization tool for marine protected areas

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IMPACT A climate data visualization tool for marine protected areas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workshop on Data Visualization to Support Ecosystem Based Management • 5-6 Feb 2012 • Portland, ME. IMPACT A climate data visualization tool for marine protected areas. Karsten Shein NOAA National Climatic Data Center. • Overview.

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Presentation Transcript
impact a climate data visualization tool for marine protected areas

Workshop on Data Visualization to Support Ecosystem Based Management • 5-6 Feb 2012 • Portland, ME

IMPACTA climate data visualization tool for marine protected areas

Karsten Shein

NOAA National Climatic Data Center •


MPA Needs for Climate Information


Data Access & Visualization Tool

Short demo •


Graphical display of complex information that renders it more easily comprehensible by the recipient of the information. •

visualization what is needed
VisualizationWhat is needed?

The relevant information

A tool that will transform the information

An interface that is accessible to the targeted recipient

visualization providers what are the goals of visualization
Visualization providersWhat are the goals of visualization?

Who is the audience?

What do they need from the tool?

Why show the things you show?

Is the info and tool comprehensible?

Does it require a lengthy explanation or tutorial

How transferable is it?

Can’t be everything to everyone.

mpa climate needs identifying what is needed
MPA Climate NeedsIdentifying What is Needed
  • Do we ask,
    • “What do you need?”
  • Or should we ask,
    • “What questions are you trying to answer that require climate information?”
    • “With whom do you share the information?”
    • “Where do you go for climate information now?”, and “Why do you go there?” •

mpa climate needs just a few of the questions being asked
MPA Climate NeedsJust a few of the questions being asked

What were conditions like when the ecosystem was in optimal health?

Is climate behavior consistent across my MPA?

What environmental threshold(s) is/are critical to my ecosystem?

Will favorable climate conditions shift?

How do impacts from climate relate to MPA use? •

mpa climate needs what data are needed
MPA Climate NeedsWhat data are needed?
  • Which data?
  • OISST (0.25°-1°; D/W/M, 1981-p)
  • ERSST (2°; monthly 1854-p)
  • Pathfinder SST (4 km; 2xD 1985-p)
  • GHRSST (<5 km – 1°, varies)
  • G1SST (1 km, daily 2008-2013)
  • HadSST1 (1°; monthly 1870 - 2011)
  • HadSST2 (5°; monthly 1850-p)
  • ICOADS (in situ; 1650-p)
  • SST
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind
  • PAR
  • Ocean Color
  • pH
  • Salinity
  • Currents
  • Precipitation •

mpa climate needs what is needed from the data
MPA Climate NeedsWhat is needed from the data?

Extreme events

Baseline climatologies

Rates of change

Other statistics (means, anomalies, …)

Regional and local-scale information

Climatological Forecasts

Climate Literacy •

data availability and access
DataAvailability and Access •

data access

Seriously? •


Stellwagen Bank NMS •


Stellwagen Bank NMS •

mpa climate needs what is needed from the interface
MPA Climate NeedsWhat is needed from the interface?

Familiar look, feel, and terminology

Unobtrusive flexibility

Transparent data management

Simultaneous display of variables

Ability to access local data

Ability to display analyzed results •


impact i ntegrated m arine p rotected a rea c limate t ools
IMPACTIntegrated Marine Protected Area Climate Tools

Impacts from climate are driven by far more than temperature or precipitation anomalies, and usually at scales/resolutions far smaller/finer than what is contained in most climate data sets. Complex interactions require the ability to access climate elements and behaviors not traditionally explored in climate impact assessments.

  • Provide climate information to marine resource managers
    • Highest quality, relevant and vetted
    • Answers climate - ecosystem questions
    • Tools to increase climate literacy
  • Reduce data complexity and size
  • Allow integration of climate data with ecological data
  • Include user perspective and voice throughout
    • Scalable
    • User-focused and responsive
    • Needs-based focus •

what is wct impact

User Model Of Data Access

Data Center Model Of Data Access

Current method of data access and delivery

Preferred method of same

Going from “drinking from the fire hose” to “sipping a nice cup of tea”

Reduce the data volume, filter what remains, and mix with relevant ecological data to produce a desired product. •

weather and climate toolkit http www ncdc noaa gov oa wct
Weather and Climate Toolkit

Simple visualization and data export

Cross-platform, desktop and command-line application

Leverages community tools and standards


Support for generic NetCDF gridded data – includes variety of Radar, Satellite and Model data

Online since 2004 •

who could use wct impact
Who could use WCT-IMPACT?
  • Target Audience is MPA managers
    • Primarily focused on managers having minimal science staff
    • 1700 US Marine Protected Areas (incl. 14 NOAA Marine Sanctuaries)
    • 5 NOAA Sentinel Sites
    • ~4500 global MPAs
      • mean size is 544 sq. km; median = 4.6 sq. km (Wood et al. 2008)
  • Customizable to:
    • Water Resource managers
    • Tourism
    • Coastal Inundation (e.g. Sandy)
    • Transportation
    • Education
    • Many more …. •

visualization capabilities
Visualization Capabilities •

analysis options
Analysis Options

Time Series

Difference Maps

Correlation Maps

Conditional Probabilities


Climatological Summaries

Others as required by managers •

wct impact interface
WCT-IMPACT Interface •

wct impact interface nwhi sst example
WCT-IMPACT InterfaceNWHI SST Example •

wct impact interface nwhi ocean color example
WCT-IMPACT InterfaceNWHI Ocean Color Example •

example data provided with wct impact
Example Data Provided with WCT-IMPACT

Needed for this application: Daily, 32km or finer

Your CDR? •

next steps
Next Steps

Analysis module under development

Predictive/Forecasting Module being conceptualized

Tutorial module, including a regional rapid response climate team is under development •

lessons learned so far
Lessons Learned… so far

Most users are not “power” users

Be careful with the fire hose paradigm

Dialog with target audience is essential

What we know is not what they know

Less is more •

  • MPA needs for climate information are varied and many.
  • Visualization is an important component of MPA climate data access
  • WCT-IMPACT provides transparent access to large/complex climate data sets.
  • Integration of variety of data is critical. •

thank you

NCDC Colleagues:

Karsten Shein, Climate Services and Monitoring Division

Steve Ansari, Climate Services and Monitoring Division

Mike Urzen, Remote Sensing Applications Division

L. DeWayne Cecil, Global Science and Technology

John Stachniewicz, Global Science and Technology

GFNMS Colleagues:

Dr. Benet Duncan, PACE

Kelley Higgason, Director, Ocean Climate Center

Special Thanks:

Dr. Shaida Johnston, formerly with GST

Thank YOu •