it s the middle ages n.
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It’s the Middle Ages!

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It’s the Middle Ages! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It’s the Middle Ages!. The Monarchy. Alright, no great Kingdom can exist without the King and the Queen. Today’s King and Queen are… (Drum roll please). The Pay-Off!.

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the monarchy
The Monarchy
  • Alright, no great Kingdom can exist without the King and the Queen. Today’s King and Queen are… (Drum roll please)
the pay off
The Pay-Off!
  • You feel pretty proud of yourselves King and Queen because you believe in the divine right of kings –which causes you to think that God selected you and gives you the right to rule and give orders. Here’s your Kingdom.
ohhhhhh dang here comes trouble
Ohhhhhh Dang! Here comes trouble!
  • Your kingdom is seriously under attack by three main groups that are getting into your business in western Europe – Muslims advancing from the Near East and north Africa, the Magyars from central Asia, and the Viking sweeping down from present day Norway and Denmark.
whattcha going to do when the vikings come for you
Whattcha going to do when the Vikings come for you!?!?!?!
  • This time it’s the Vikings that are attacking. Several villagers who try to resist are killed. Others seized. You are smart though. You realize your people need to be protected and have their property cared for in return for their service to you. You develop a system called Feudalism.
bring on the lords
Bring on the Lords!
  • The Kingdom can’t stand up to another attack from the Vikings. King and Queen, you realize that you need someone to have your back. You need to find some lords to find you some knights (which will later find soldiers to defend your kingdom). To win their loyalty you need to give them grants of land called fiefs.
who s it going to be
Who’s it going to be?
  • King and Queen, quickly decide who your two lords will be. Reward them with 6 fiefs please (aka – Candy).
lords and ladies
Lords and Ladies
  • Lords and Ladies. Even though you were considered part of the nobility, your lives aren’t always easy. Life can be rather dull in your manor, especially when the jesters are on vacation to South Padre Island. The news gets worse when you hear that they have just found a new outbreak of fleas and lice in your newest clothes.
let s get ready to rummmmmble
Let’s get ready to Rummmmmble!
  • Lords, you have heard that the Vikings are coming back to town for the next “royal rumble.” You need to protect the Kingdom. Time to select three knights that you think will show true chivalry (the knight’s code of ideal behavior, loyalty, and respect for women). Reward them with three fiefs.
welcome to the kingdom knights
Welcome to the Kingdom Knights!
  • Knights, you have been selected for your courageousness. It is expected that you will be loyal to your church and lord, to be fair and just, and to protect the poor.
ready squires
Ready Squires?
  • Knights, there is a lot of work involved being a knight, you need help. Select a squire to clean your armor (which cost the equivalent of a modern day BMW), care for your horse, and to serve you your meals after a hard day of defending the Kingdom.
  • Knights, select a squire and give him one fief.
don t worry squire one day
Don’t worry Squire, one day…
  • Squire, in return for your hard work, loyalty, and devotion, you will learn how to become a warrior. Your knight will show you how to use a sword, spear, battle-axe and mace.
  • All the rest of the class put your hands up. CONGRATULATIONS, you are the peasants! You aren’t really apart of the feudal relationship, but support the structure of feudalism by working the land.
  • Knights, please hand out the blank sheets of paper to the peasants.
get busy peasants
Get busy peasants!
  • In order to do your fair share peasants, please write the numbers from 1 – 100 on a piece of paper in front of you. Knights and Lords, please supervise the process (nicely!) to make sure they are doing it correctly (sadly, many of the peasants haven’t been educated and might make errors)!
pay day
Pay Day!
  • Peasants, please rip your paper into fours. Two pieces will represent the crops you harvested, while the other two will represent the money you have made by selling the crops. Sadly, you are not “free peasants” and can’t keep most of your crops or the money.
  • Lords, please collect three sheets from each of the peasants.
i m rich
I’m rich!
  • Lords, please keep half of the taxes and crops (sheets) you have collected. The rest goes to the King and Queen.
  •  King and Queen, laugh really sinisterly because life is awesome for those that wear the crown.
  • Peasant, please give a slow painful sob because your life will never be easy working for the “man.”
good news
Good News!
  • Your life is still probably better than this cute little mouse trapped in a cup. Half empty or half full???