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Raymond s Run

About the Author. Toni Cade Bambara believed that authors

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Raymond s Run

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    1. Raymonds Run Author Toni Cade Bambara

    2. About the Author Toni Cade Bambara believed that authors are everyday people who write stories that come out of their neighborhoods. Like many of her characters, she grew up in New York City. She wrote about African Americans who show family pride and a strong sense of community.

    3. Harlem, New York

    4. Reading Focus Plot The events that make up the plot can usually be divided into rising action, climax, and falling action. The rising action consists of the conflicts and complications that the main character faces. The climax is the greatest point of interest, or turning point. The falling action provides resolution of the conflict. First person point of view (I, me, we) Cause and Effect WHAT happened = Effect WHY it happened = Cause

    5. Reading Focus Climax Main Conflict Rising Action Falling Action Subplot Conflict Resolution Exposition Theme Resolution Setting/Characters

    6. Reading Focus Main Idea Most important point or message that the writer wants to communicate to the reader Stated directly OR implied by supporting details

    7. Vocabulary Context Clues Clutched Relay Prodigy Sidekick Periscope Definitions Mercury Hydrocephalus Ventriloquist Glockenspiels Quicksilver

    8. Vocabulary-Context Clues He clutched the steering wheel tightly with his hands when the car began to skid. Four runners were on each team in the relay. Antonio was a prodigy at age eight, playing violin solos with the local symphony orchestra. The detective and his wisecracking sidekick solved many cases together. The submarine captain raised the ships periscope above the waters surface so he could watch for the enemy.

    9. Vocabulary Definitions Mercury: swift messenger of the gods (Roman mythology) Hydrocephalus: swelling of the head caused by too much fluid collecting in the skull; the excess fluid can damage the brain Ventriloquist: a person that controls dummies Glockenspiels: musical instrument played with light hammers Quicksilver: reference to speed with which quicksilver (the liquid metal mercury) flows

    10. Hydrocephalus

    11. Raymonds Run Read the story (pages 32-40) Create a plot line. What are Squeakys internal and external conflicts? What is the theme of this story? What motivates Squeaky?

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