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Settlements over time PowerPoint Presentation
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Settlements over time

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Settlements over time
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Settlements over time

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  1. Settlements over time By Janvi

  2. What am I doing • Today I am going to show the changes of cities like New Delhi , Paris and New York in 1900s , 1950s and 2000s. I hope you all enjoy it .

  3. Settlements New Delhi

  4. New Delhi in 1900s This is New Delhi in 1900s . This looks like a village or a farm. As you see there are no transports and roads are not build made. The houses are not strong enough. There is not so big population.

  5. New Delhi in 1950s This is New Delhi in 1950s. In 1950s the trams are been made. There is more population . The bus stops are been built and the roads too.

  6. New Delhi in 2000s This is New Delhi in 1950s. There are trains and railway station made. The population is more. The houses and buildings are built. There are more strict rules. The monuments are re-build.

  7. Settlements Paris

  8. Paris in 1900s This is Paris in 1900s. There is not so much populations. The transportation is being using Tonga’s and Bullock carts. It is a linear pattern.

  9. Paris in 1950s This is Paris in 1950s. The restaurants are been made. The population have increased. It has become modern. The people have got good clothes to wear.

  10. Paris in 2000s This is Paris in 2000s. The population is increased so much. The roads are built more nicely. Many buildings, houses and factories have been built.

  11. Settlements New York

  12. New York in 1900s This is New York in 1900s. There are not so much roads but buildings are built. The population is not so much. The buildings are more thinner. Buildings are made up of bricks. There are not so much construction sites.

  13. New York in 1950s This is New york in 1950s. There is so big difference between the New York in 1900s and 1950s. The roads are built. There are many transports. The population have increased. More buildings and houses are been built.

  14. New York in 2000s WOW!!!!!!!!! This is New York in 2000s. So big difference. So many buildings , houses and factories have built. The population has raised so much. Now it is so modern.

  15. THANK YOU • by Janvi THANK YOU