Technology and essentials of document management
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Technology and Essentials of Document Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology and Essentials of Document Management. Presented By: Mike Sabbatis December 2013.

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Presentation Transcript
Technology and essentials of document management

Technology and Essentials of Document Management

Presented By: Mike Sabbatis

December 2013

Technology and essentials of document management

Mike Sabbatis is a dynamic, visionary, and inspirational senior executive recognized for creating, developing and leading high performance teams. As a results-oriented professional he has led technology, software and information companies to record levels of success in growth of both top and bottom line while launching new products, new markets, and new technologies.

Currently he is Chief Revenue Officer for RealPage, Inc. (NASDAQ; RP) a provider on on-demand software and services for property management professionals and investors. RealPage serves over 8,6 million multi-family rental units and is one of the Top 12 most valuable SaaS companies in the world.

He also serves as Director, member of the executive board at XCM Solutions and Doc.IT.

Over his career he was CEO of CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business where led a $600 million division in North America. During his tenure he transformed this business into a customer focused organization, with strong innovation in paperless workflow solutions, “Cloud” technology while achieving consistently exceptional business results.

As a recognized speaker to CEO’s, business owners, and technology professionals, Mike has brought real life experience in executing strategies to grow business, deploy new technology, improve business performance, and advance sales and marketing effectiveness.

Chief Revenue Officer

Member of the executive boards of:

Agenda technology and essentials of document management
Agenda: Technology and Essentials of Document Management

  • Digital Maturity

  • Questions Partners Should Ask

  • Document Management

Digital maturity1
Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity is a real problem

  • Only 15% of those surveyed rank most mature

    • Shared a strong vision

    • Manage digital technologies quickly

    • Gain the most value from digital transformation

  • In contrast, 65% of those surveyed rank as least mature

    • Use email, internet, various ERP software

    • Slow to adopt

    • Skeptical of more advance technologies – Social and Analytics

  • 78% of said achieving digital transformation will become critical in the next 2 years

    • Technology is changing rapidly

    • Every industry is affected

Source: Embracing Digital Technology, MIT Sloan Management Review 2013

Digital maturity2
Digital Maturity

  • Where digital transformation is on the executive agenda:

    • 81% believe their companies will be more competitive

    • Shows graphically in market share and profits

  • Where digital transformation is not on the executive agenda it’s a stark contrast:

    • Only 18% believe they will be more competitive

    • Focused on squeezing cost and profit

    • Not sustainable

Source: Embracing Digital Technology, MIT Sloan Management Review 2013

Digital maturity3
Digital Maturity

  • Leaders in digital transformation expect to gain:

    • Better client/customer experiences

    • Streamlined operations – efficiency

    • New lines of business or business models

Source: Embracing Digital Technology, MIT Sloan Management Review 2013

Digital maturity some final thoughts
Digital Maturity – Some final thoughts

  • Develop a vision – lead it, don’t let it lead you

  • Communicate it to your staff

  • Visibly support it from the top

  • Take small, but continuous steps

    Only wrong move…making no move at all.

What should you be asking as a leader
What should you be asking as a leader

  • Are you using technology to transform your business, or are you just adding bells and whistles to existing processes?

    • Starting point…Isn’t asking “How do I use technology strategically”

    • Its “What would be the ideal way to interact with and serve my clients”

What should you be asking as a leader1
What should you be asking as a leader…

  • Are you ignoring important business differences as you standardize processes across the firm?

    • Core tenet of the digital economy is that standardizing processes is a no-brainer.

      • You operate the same way, everywhere

      • Creates a reliable, consistent experience for clients

  • Problem – some senior leaders believe that is some standardization is good, more is better…and it isn’t

    • Certainly Tax and Audit processes need to be in place…but what if you’re reviewing a Real Estate transaction or structured deal or negotiation with a client – would creativity work in their favor? Might you change your process?

  • So define what should and shouldn’t be standardized

What should you be asking as a leader2
What should you be asking as a leader

  • Who is making sure the firm’s digital strategy is being implemented?

    • You and your leaders may identify a technology platform that could make your firm more efficient and better serve key customers… Great idea!

    • But many firms might then be inclined to rely on a committee to implement the new processes… Bad idea

  • Many leaders assume that good technology can ensure effective execution… It can’t

    • Somebody needs to own the responsibility

      • Top leaders must name an executive accountable

      • Must have the political clout to overcome resistance

      • Committees are not capable of this type of oversight

What should you be asking as a leader3
What should you be asking as a leader

  • Is electronic data empowering your people or controlling them?

    • For most firms, the great advantage of the digital revolution is the data they can collect

    • Knowing the status of an engagement, where the work is currently bottlenecked, who has availability to take on more work, financial benchmarks

  • All this data can lead firms down different paths

    • It can push more knowledge, decision making, and accountability to the professionals doing the work

    • Or, it can be used to centralize decision making and monitor

  • Evidence indicates that first approach benefits firms and employees

    • Control assumes that good thinking only happens at the top of the firm

    • Contrast that by relying operating-level professionals to deliver fact-based work creates smart, more innovative firms

    • And more motivated employees

Document management more than storage
Document Management – More than Storage

Collect and Gather

  • Identify types of documents for organizing an engagement

    • Email, Fax, Voicemail

    • Word, Excel, PDF

    • Images – Photo, Video, Scanned

    • Paper

  • Type of work

    • Tax

    • Financial

    • Budget

    • Invoice, expense, AR, AP

    • Client Accounting

    • Legal

    • Consulting

Document management more than storage1
Document Management – More than Storage

Process and Organization

  • Creation of Work Binders

    • Ensure Client Engagement work is organized

    • Ensure quick navigation

    • View status

    • Preview and Launch critical information easily

    • Easily searchable

  • Enable work to be mobile

    • Work in and with your client

    • Checkout data

    • Share information

Document management more than storage2
Document Management – More than Storage

Dynamic Storage and Access

  • Centralization

    • Access to all pertinent data in seconds

    • Application Independent and Interoperability

  • Control of your data

    • Archival of information

    • Version control

  • Security & Compliance

    • You should be able to “lock down” the documents

    • Final version – True representation of completed work

  • Mobility and Access

    • PC, iOS (Apple), and Android

Document management more than storage3
Document Management – More than Storage

Publish, Deliver, and Interact with your clients, staff, and business partners

  • Collaborate and share in format that your client, staff, and business partners can easily use

  • Device independent

  • Portal for Secure Exchange of data

    • Should be easy for your client to access

  • Independent of the original software that created it

    • Don’t get trapped into maintaining multiple versions of obsolete software

Thank you

Thank You!

Mike Sabbatis