EC Grant Agreement no. 282915
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GEOSS Interoperability for Weather Ocean and Water - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EC Grant Agreement no. 282915. GEOSS Interoperability for Weather Ocean and Water. GEOSS Common Infrastructure Evolution. Roberto Cossu ESA Roberto.Cossu GEOWOW Partners. Technology Partners. Weather SBA. Ecosystem (Ocean) SBA. Water SBA.

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EC Grant Agreement no. 282915

GEOSSInteroperability for Weather Ocean and Water

GEOSS Common Infrastructure Evolution

Roberto Cossu


[email protected]

Geowow partners
GEOWOW Partners

Technology Partners

Weather SBA






High level project information
High-level Project Information

GEO Ministerial 2013:

‘Revised' architecture properly tested and demonstrated within GEOWOW SBA's

January 2013

April 2014

August 2012

June 2014


  • To allow an easy and harmonised access to heterogeneous resources

  • To develop services for data discovery, access, and use establishing and promoting data sharing

  • Facilitate geo-resources sharing

  • Facilitate geo-resources access

  • Contribute to GCI enhancement

  • Develop GCI operational capabilities for the project’s SBAs

A structured system engineering approach
A structuredsystemengineeringapproach

User requirements

Technology Base

Constraints and recommendations

From SBAs and GEOSS community

From SBA systems and prior development efforts, including among others:

From relevant initiatives and standardization bodies, including:



Current GCI



A structured system engineering approach1
A structuredsystemengineeringapproach

User requirements

Technology Base

Constraints and recommendations

Requirements Analysis

Functional Specification





validation and assessment

GCI evolutions

Towards a

GEOWOW vision

Communities in geo geoss
Communitiesin GEO-GEOSS

MultidisciplinaryScientists /

Decision Makers

Domain specific scientists

Data Scientists

Data Providers

Geo Web Portal

Community portals

Specialised toolkits

Data Centers

Observations Products Information

Today, the GCI (GEOSS Common Infrastructure) is designed to support only

a limited number of user typologies.


  • Initial set of user communities and multidisciplinary requirements identified by the GEOWOW partners:



  • Requirements from external sources, like projects and Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) processes

  • Towards a geowow vision
    Towards a GEOWOW vision

    • A long-term vision for the GCI evolution, in agreement with the IIB.

    • This will include not only components developed by GEOWOW itself, but also external elements.

    Priority functionalities

    • Improved data discovery including results ranking;

    • Easier data access;

    • Interface of GCI components from external clients, including two ways communication;

    • Improved data usability, including harmonization and geoprocessing services;

    • New data registration mechanisms, including support for the GEOSS Data CORE

    • Solutions and tools for user registration authorization authentication including single sign-on.


    • GEOWOW has analysed important key technologies, establishing a pool of solutions and ideas

    • A preliminary analysis has been conducted to map identified requirements to analysed projects (EuroGEOSS, UncertWeb, GENESI-DEC, GeoViQua, Eye on Earth and the current GEOSS Common Infrastructure, …)


    • The landscape of technologies is in continuous evolution architecture flexibility is a key requirement.

    • The design of the GEOWOW Architecture shall therefore follow a modular approach. It shall result in a set of “GCI Evolutions”, i.e. interoperable components that respond to the community needs and are able to fit into the existing landscape, however rapidly this is evolving.

    Usage patterns

    • The proposed architecture will result as flexible as possible and different communities will benefit from it in different manners, according to their needs and their usual working habits.


    • The proposed architecture will result as flexible as possible and different communities will benefit from it in different manners, according to their needs and their usual working habits.

    An example of use case
    An example of use case

    Query of heterogeneous observations, products, information

    Semantic enriched search

    Just an example of use case from several usage patterns that will be possible according to user needs

    Satellite data

    In- Situ data

    Tools for geoprocessing

    Interferograms computed from satellite data (either on demand computation or discovery of previously generated products)

    Registration of results

    Preliminary identified components

    • Components for Enhancing Data Discovery and Access including:

      • Result Ranking;

      • Semanticenriched search;

    • Geoprocessing components;

    • User registration components and tools for authentication (user personal information will not be registered at GEOWOW side);

    • Resources Registration facilitators to improve the GEOSS Data CORE availability;

    • Components for enabling community specific clients to access GEOSS resources.

    In a nutshell seamless discovery and access to
    In a nutshell: seamless discovery and access to…

    satellite data


    airborne data


    in-situ data





    …for all the identified GEOSS users according to different usage patterns…

    … with special focus on GEOSS Data CORE

    EC Grant Agreement no. 282915


    Project Web Site:

    Roberto Cossu

    [email protected]