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ECOSYSTEMS. Grades 3rd and 4th Ashley Rood. Introduction.

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Grades 3rd and 4th

Ashley Rood


  • “An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things. They function together and are interdependent on one another for survival. An ecosystem can be as big as a desert or as small as a tree or a pond.” (

  • Ecosystems vary from place to place.

  • It is important to keep our ecosystems safe and clean.

  • The best way to protect these varying ecosystems is to better understand them.


  • Your job is to work with a partner and research an ecosystem.

  • You will need to become an expert on your ecosystem and present what you learn to your classmates.

  • You and your partner will use the internet to (1)discover where on Earth your ecosystem is found, (2)what living and non-living items are found in your ecosystem, (3) find a current or past threat to your ecosystem, (4) think of a possible solution to this threat if you have every possible resource to use, and finally any (5) fun facts you would like to share.


  • Meet as a group….

  • Pick your ecosystem and let your teacher know your choice!! (possible ecosystems are listed on the next slide – one group per ecosystem)

  • Discuss your plan for completing the task. Have a game plan.

  • Start your research. You have been provided with a list of websites on the resources page. Feel free to expand your search, but remember to stay on task!!

  • Decide how you will present the information to the class.


  • Tundra

  • Deciduous Forrest

  • Lake – Pick specific lake

  • Pond – pick specific location of pond

  • Everglades

  • Louisiana Swamp

  • Arctic

  • Ocean – pick specific ocean

    These are just a few ideas to get you started!! You can pick from this list or get creative!!!


  • Ecosystems of our World


  • NeoK12


  • Ecosystems: What it’s like where you live.


  • Types of Ecosystems



Great job on all of your hard work!! You are now an expert on your ecosystem. Good luck on your presentation. Remember to relax and have fun sharing your hard work off to the class.