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Chicken is the first ingredient in this delicious, full-bodied chicken base in paste form. Just add to boiling water to make an excellent chicken stock or broth.\nhttp://www.annesdumplings.com/product/annes-natural-chicken-base/

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Anne s natural chicken base

Chicken Base

  • We are offers the Chicken Base , you can make you dish easy & fast.

  • With the facility of ordering online cooking is made easy and simple.

  • They are of best quality prepared with care you are never given a chance to say anything against them.

  • You can cook dumplings and chicken for a very large family, with no trouble and simply at very little price.

Anne s natural chicken base

Our Products

Case of Anne’s Original Chicken Base

Anne’s Original Chicken Base

Anne s natural chicken base

Product Description

Use Anne’s Natural Chicken Base as a give flavor to inoculation in gravies, soups, stews, sauces, chicken dishes as well as rice along with mashed potatoes. This product has no MSG and is gluten free.

Anne s natural chicken base

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